Foto del docente

Annalisa Tassoni

Associate Professor

Department of Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences

Academic discipline: BIO/01 General Botany


Keywords: antioxidants proteomics agro-industrial by-products polyphenols polyamines


1) Analysis of the regulation and of the expression of genes involved in the biosynthesis of polyphenols (stilbenes, flavonoids, catechins, etc) in tissues and in cell cultures of Vitis vinifera treated with different biotic and abiotic elicitors. This research involves the use of modern proteomic, mass spectrometry and Real-Time PCR techniques and the collaboration with several research groups at local, national and international level.

2) The regulation of polyamine metabolism in different in vitro and in vivo plant systems, and in plant-derived foodstuffs.

3)  Chemical and enzymatic digestions and chromatographic techniques applied to the extraction and analysis of high added value bioactive molecules (protein/peptides, polyphenols, sugars, fibers, etc) from agro-industrial food by-products and wastes (e.g. grape pomace, rice, etc). Bioactivity determination  (antioxidant, anti-hypertensive, etc) of plant-derived phytochemicals by in vitro tests in view of their biotechnological (cosmetic, nutraceutical, fodd/feed, bioplastics) applications.