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Annalisa Guarini

Full Professor

Department of Psychology "Renzo Canestrari"

Academic discipline: M-PSI/04 Developmental and Educational Psychology

Curriculum vitae


2014- Associate Professor in Developmental and Educational Psychology at Bologna University.

2015- Director of Organisational Unit (UOS) Bologna, Department of Psychology.


Date of birth: 08/08/1977;

Affiliation (since 15/01/2009): Department of Psychology, Viale Berti Pichat, 5, 40127, Bologna;

Telephone: 051/2091875;



2002-University degree cum laude in Psychology at Bologna University.

2002-Master in "Neuropsychology and Neurolinguistics of Development and Psychopathology of learning" (A.U.S.L., Bologna).

2007-Ph.D. in Psychology, Department of Psychology, Bologna University.

2007-2008 Post-doc fellowship, Department of Psychology, Bologna University.


2003-(3 months) at the Institute of Child Health directed by Prof. Karmiloff-Smith and granted by the Faculty of Psychology;

2005-(3 months) at the Institute of Child Health directed by Prof. Karmiloff-Smith and granted by "Programma Marco Polo" of Bologna University.


- language, cognition and number development in typical and at risk populations (in particular preterm children) with A. Sansavini and in collaboration with Unit of Neonatology (G. Faldella), CNR (C. Caselli), Birkbeck College (A. Karmiloff-Smith);

- social inclusion in young children and bullying and cyberbullying in preadolescence and adolescence with M. L. Genta and A. Brighi in collaboration with several European Countries.  


Participation in granted national and international project.

National project:

- RFO (2004-2009) on communication and language in populations with typical and at risk development, coordinated by A. Sansavini;

- PRIN project (2004-06) “Development of expressive communication in the first months of life: normal and at risk paths”, coordinated by M. L. Genta;

- Strategic Project of Bologna University (2007-09): “Early communicative-linguistic and cognitive abilities: risks linked to preterm birth”, coordinated by A. Sansavini.

- PRIN project (2008, biennial grant, duration of the project 2010-12) "Gestures and language in children with atypical and at risk developmental profiles: relationships among competences, mother-child interaction modalities and proposals of intervention", coordinated by A. Sansavini

- FARB project 2012 (2012-2014) "Reading processes in preterm children, children with dyslexia and typically developing children", coordinated by A. Guarini

International project:

- European Socrates project (2004-06): “Relational approaches in early education: enhancing social inclusion, personal growth and learning”, coordinated by P. Kutnick(UK), national responsibles: . L. Genta (Bologna, Italy), S. Avgitidou (Greece), M. Hannikainen (Finland), Karlsson-Lohmander (Sweden), R. Ortega-Ruiz (Spain);

- European DAPHNE II project (2007-09): “An investigation into forms of peer-peer bullying at school in pre-adolescent and adolescent groups: new instruments and preventing strategies” coordinated by M. L. Genta, national responsibles: P. Smith (UK), R. Ortega-Ruiz (Spain); C. Salmivalli (Finland), A. Guarini and A. Brighi (Italy).

- European DAPHNE III project (2010-2012): “Cyberbullying in adolescence: investigation and intervention in six European Countries” coordinated by M.L. Genta, national responsibles: P. Smith (UK), R. Ortega-Ruiz (Spain), Tsorbatzoudis (Greece), J. Pyzalski (Poland), H. Scheithauer (Germany), A. Guarini and A. Brighi (Italy).

- European DAPHNE III project (2012-2014): "Turning obstacles into opportunities", coordinated by Save the Children Romania, Italian national coordinator A. Brighi.


At the Faculty of Education, University of Bologna:

2002-2007- tutor for courses on Developmental Psychology and Educational Psychology

2004- teaching Developmental Psychology in a Master on the integration and inclusion of children with impairments; 

2005-2007- teaching Developmental Psychology in special courses for the becoming teachers in kindergarten and primary schools.

2008-2009 - teaching Methods of Child Observation (two laboratories, 32 hours)

2009-2010- teaching Psychology of Developmental Disabilities (30 hours)

2010-2011/2011-2012/ 2012-2013- teaching Psychology of Developmental Disabilities (30 hours) and Psychology of Observation (30 hours)

2013-2014/2014-2015/2015-2016/2016-2017 teaching Psychology of Developmental Disabilities (56 hours)

2014-2015/2015-2016/2016-2017 teaching Developmental Psychology (24 hours)