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I cannot attend the course because of a class timetable clash. What can I do?

Attendance of the Italian Language L2 course is not compulsory, but it is recommended in order to learn the language and then take the exam. You can attend the course as much as you can and take the exam even if you cannot attend all the lessons/ at all. Please, contact the course teachers to inform them of your situation.

How can I retrieve the content of lessons I will miss?

The course has its own page on the Moodle e-learning platform which is updated every week with the activities done in the classroom and those to be done at home. Following the Moodle page every day is essential in order not to fall behind. Information on how to use Moodle is given at the course presentation or by contacting Prof. Zingaro.

If you want to catch up on Prof. Zingaro's lectures that you missed, you can email her to make a tutoring appointment and repeat the contents of the lecture (the address is on this webpage).

I study in another department (Political Science, Economics, Mirees...): may I attend the course?

The course is part of a bachelor degree course which has a limited number of students. For this reason, before including it in your study plan, you must first ask for authorisation: contact the didactic secretariat of the Department of Interpretation and Translation and ask for information.

What is the difference between lettorato and tutorato?


it is part of the course Lingua Italiana L2 course, which consists of 3 meetings per week: one of them is the lettorato with Prof. Quarta. It consists of speaking and interacting activities and is the part of the course that provides preparation for the oral exam.


is not part of the L2 Italian language course and is not a course. It is a support service for learning the Italian language, a kind of linguistic 'first aid' useful for obtaining clarification on grammatical topics, practising writing or conversation, or receiving help for the Italian Literature exam in revising translations into Italian, or in writing essays etc.

Attending tutoring is therefore only a personal choice. If you need more help than the lessons, please send an e-mail to:

Anna Zingaro, if you are on exchange at DIT (e.g. Erasmus or other international mobility programmes);
Teresa Quarta, if you are enrolled at DIT

and ask for an appointment individually or in pairs/small groups.