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Anna Montini

Assistant professor

Department of Economics

Academic discipline: SECS-P/01 Economics

Director of Second Cycle Degree of Resource Economics and Sustainable Development

Short Bio

Anna Montini is Assistant Professor in Economics and Lecturer in Environmental Economics at the Department of Economics, University of Bologna, Italy. She is member (head of Unit University of Bologna) of SEEDS and a member of the Italian Association of Environmental and Resource economists. She was for several years a research fellow at the IrCRes-CNR (Italian National Research Council Insitute). She has been involved in several research projects on environmental impact studies, waste analysis and management, cost-benefit analysis. Extensive experience in environmental economics and in the conception, implementation and desing of statistical quantitative instruments (surveys and questionnaires). Her main research interests are environmental economics and policy, marine litter, waste management and environmental-economic performance at the geographical/spatial level, tourism-environment relationship.

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Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche
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Office hours

During the period february 27th-april 3rd 2019 the office hours will be:

- Bologna, wendesday 11:15-12:30

- Rimini, wednesday 15:00-16:30

Durign the exams' or lectures' periods the office hours could change. Ask for a different appointment (

During the other periods, the office hours is Wednesday 10:00-12:30 (Rimini Campus, office 009, groud floor, Alberti building).

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