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Andrea Gualandi

Senior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Department of Chemistry "Giacomo Ciamician"

Academic discipline: CHIM/06 Organic Chemistry


Abdallah M.; Hijazi A.; Cozzi P.G.; Gualandi A.; Dumur F.; Lalevee J., Boron Compounds as Additives for the Cationic Polymerization Using Coumarin Derivatives in Epoxy Silicones, «MACROMOLECULAR CHEMISTRY AND PHYSICS», 2021, 222, pp. 2000404 - 2000404 [Scientific article]

Gualandi A.; Rodeghiero G.; Perciaccante R.; Jansen T.P.; Moreno-Cabrerizo C.; Foucher C.; Marchini M.; Ceroni P.; Cozzi P.G., Catalytic Photoredox Allylation of Aldehydes Promoted by a Cobalt Complex, «ADVANCED SYNTHESIS & CATALYSIS», 2021, 363, pp. 1105 - 1111 [Scientific article]

Bassan, Elena; Gualandi, Andrea; Cozzi, Pier Giorgio; Ceroni, Paola, Design of BODIPY dyes as triplet photosensitizers: electronic properties tailored for solar energy conversion, photoredox catalysis and photodynamic therapy, «CHEMICAL SCIENCE», 2021, 12, pp. 6607 - 6628 [Scientific article]

Journot, Guillaume; Neier, Reinhard; Gualandi, Andrea, Hydrogenation of Calix[4]pyrrole: From the Formation to the Synthesis of Calix[4]pyrrolidine, «EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY», 2021, 2021, pp. 4444 - 4464 [Scientific article]

Gualandi A.; Anselmi M.; Calogero F.; Potenti S.; Bassan E.; Ceroni P.; Cozzi P.G., Metallaphotoredox catalysis with organic dyes, «ORGANIC & BIOMOLECULAR CHEMISTRY», 2021, 19, pp. 3527 - 3550 [Scientific article]

Potenti S.; Gualandi A.; Puggioli A.; Fermi A.; Bergamini G.; Cozzi P.G., Photoredox Allylation Reactions Mediated by Bismuth in Aqueous Conditions, «EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY», 2021, 2021, pp. 1624 - 1627 [Scientific article]

Calogero, Francesco; Gualandi, Andrea; Matteo, Marco Di; Potenti, Simone; Fermi, Andrea; Bergamini, Giacomo; Cozzi, Pier Giorgio, Photoredox Propargylation of Aldehydes Catalytic in Titanium, «JOURNAL OF ORGANIC CHEMISTRY», 2021, 86, pp. 7002 - 7009 [Scientific article]

Gualandi A.; Nenov A.; Marchini M.; Rodeghiero G.; Conti I.; Paltanin E.; Balletti M.; Ceroni P.; Garavelli M.; Cozzi P.G., Tailored Coumarin Dyes for Photoredox Catalysis: Calculation, Synthesis, and Electronic Properties, «CHEMCATCHEM», 2021, 13, pp. 981 - 989 [Scientific article]

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Gualandi, Andrea; Calogero, Francesco; Martinelli, Ada; Quintavalla, Arianna; Marchini, Marianna; Ceroni, Paola; Lombardo, Marco; Cozzi, Pier Giorgio, A supramolecular bifunctional iridium photoaminocatalyst for the enantioselective alkylation of aldehydes, «DALTON TRANSACTIONS», 2020, 49, pp. 14497-14505 - 14505 [Scientific article]

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Cozzi P. G.; Gualandi A.; Potenti S.; Calogero F.; Rodeghiero G., Asymmetric Reactions Enabled by Cooperative Enantioselective Amino- and Lewis Acid Catalysis, «TOPICS IN CURRENT CHEMISTRY», 2020, 378, pp. 1 - 37 [Scientific article]

Gualandi A.; Calogero F.; Mazzarini M.; Guazzi S.; Fermi A.; Bergamini G.; Cozzi P.G., Cp2TiCl2-Catalyzed Photoredox Allylation of Aldehydes with Visible Light, «ACS CATALYSIS», 2020, 10, pp. 3857 - 3863 [Scientific article]Open Access

Abdallah M.; Dumur F.; Hijazi A.; Rodeghiero G.; Gualandi A.; Cozzi P.G.; Lalevee J., Keto-coumarin scaffold for photoinitiators for 3D printing and photocomposites, «JOURNAL OF POLYMER SCIENCE», 2020, 58, pp. 1115 - 1129 [Scientific article]

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