Foto del docente

Andrea Bolognesi

Associate Professor

Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences

Academic discipline: MED/04 Experimental Medicine and Pathophysiology


Keywords: ribosome-inactivating proteins immunotoxins cancer immunotherapy experimental immunosuppressive therapy cell death mechanisms ricin

Current researches focus on the following themes:

1) Search and purification of new RIPs, especially from edible plants, in order to understand their distribution and physiological role in the plant kingdom.
2) Sequencing and cloning of selected RIPs.
3) Relationship between RIP structure and function.
4) Mechanisms of cytotoxicity of RIP. Correlation of endocytosis, intracellular routing and molecular damages with apoptosis or other cell death pathways.
5) Experimental nanosurgery with toxins. Development of a new therapy for strabismus and other ocular-motility disorders, based on extra-ocular muscle toxin injection.
6) Carrier/toxin conjugates for anti-neoplastic and immunosuppressive experimental therapy. Development and testing,  in vitro and in vivo, of new chemical or recombinant immunotoxins for the therapy of hematological malignancies, GvHD and transplant rejection.