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Amalia Agata Maria Amato

Associate Professor

Department of Interpreting and Translation

Academic discipline: L-LIN/12 Language and Translation - English


Keywords: Dialogue Interpreting Language and Cultural Mediation Interpreting Studies Media Interpreting Legal Interpreting Conversation Analysis Interpreting for Children Conference Interpreting

1. Analyis of TV interpreting.

2. Integrating interpreting theory and practice for teaching purposes.

3. Analysing the role of interpreters in face-to-face medical encounters.

4. Applying conversation analysis to interpreter-mediated communication.

5. Legal interpreting focusing on police investigation in criminal proceedings

6. Interpreting for children involved in legal proceedings

Resarch interests focus on five main topics:

1. Analysing legal interpreting on TV. The aim of this work is to highlight: a) the main differences between legal interpreting in the courtroom and on television for a TV audience; b) choices made by interpreters when translating in a TV setting.

2. Integrating linguistic theory in interpreting practice. The aim of this work is to identify methods and tools that may make interpreting in the classroom more simular to interpreting for real events focusing in particular on discourse and situational components that come into play in any communicative event.

3. Analysing the roles of interpreters in face-to-face medical encounters. This research work is based on video recordings of interpreter-mediated medical encounters and explores the roles of interpreters as active participants in terms of translation choices and discourse initiatives.

4. Applying conversation analysis to interpreter-medidated communication to see if and how the interpreter uses turn-taking to contribute to the construction of conversational order.

5. Studying interpreting during criminal investigations in order to offer suggestions for the implementation of DIRECTIVE 2010/64 of THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND COUNCIL of 20th October 2010 on  the right to interpreting and translation in criminal proceedings. From April 2011 I conducted research work in this area as Italian  coordinator of the European Project "ImPLI" – Improving Legal and Police Interpreting- funded by the   DG Justice of the European Union under the “Criminal Justice” Programme JLS/2010/JPEN/AAG. The project has two main goals:  a) gaining in-depth knowledge about judicial police interviewing techniques and investigative prectice in order to enhance interpreters' training;   b) offering judicial police and other investigative authorites information and knowledge about interpreting techniques and  how interpreting can contribute to their activities.

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