Foto del docente

Alessio Boattini

Assistant professor

Department of Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences

Academic discipline: BIO/08 Anthropology


Recent dissertations supervised by the teacher.

Second cycle degree programmes dissertations

  • Evaluation of the discriminatory power of different STR marker sets in Apennine brown bears (Ursus arctos marsicanus): implications for individual identification.
  • Integrating -omic data in evolutionary studies. Statistical methods for detecting phenotypic plasticity in human groups
  • Relationship between non-LTR retrotransposons and Schizophrenia: an evolutionary perspective
  • Storia genetica di proprietà collettive della Pianura Padana centrale: le Partecipanze Agrarie di Nonantola e Sant'Agata Bolognese
  • Variabilità dei marcatori STR del cromosoma Y all'interno di genealogie paterne ricostruite