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Alessandro Ceruti

Associate Professor

Department of Industrial Engineering

Academic discipline: ING-IND/15 Design Methods for Industrial Engineering


Keywords: Multidisciplinary optimization Additive Manufacturing Lattice structures and toplogical optimization Aerospace and Industrial Engineering Augmented Reality

The research themes are within the topics of interest of the scientific disciplinary sector DESIGN TOOLS AND METHODS FOR THE INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING.


Multidisciplinary optimization

Modern engineering often deals with issues related to complex systems in which different disciplines must be considered at the same time. Often the improvement of a parameter leads to drastic drops in performance in other areas. The multidisciplinary optimization allows us to face a problem from a global point of view, trying to meet the needs of the final customer so as to obtain an optimal trade-off point of the project parameters. Several scientific articles have been written in this field, with application to complex case studies related to aerospace and industrial engineering.


Additive Manufacturing

Additive Manufacturing (AM) is a modern technology that allows to create complex shapes quickly and without the need of molds or long machining operations based on chip removal. In this field papers have been written to propose methodologies useful to improve this technology.


Latex structures and topological optimization

The lattice structures are based on the repetition in 3 dimensions of simple structural elements (eg cylinders along the edges of cubes or tetrahedra). These structures are very light and allow an optimal exploitation of the material in order to obtain high resistance to weight ratios. To obtain trabecular structures where the material is exploited optimally from a structural point of view is the aim of topology Optimization. Scope of the papers written about this topic is to develop methodologies to support the design of this kind of structures. One possible application of these strategies lie in the lightening of  aircraft and transportation vehicles structures: this can reduce the impact on the environment and the energy required to the mission profile.


Design tools to support design in Aerospace and Industrial Engineering

In this topic, CAD systems have been developed to support design in aerospace and industrial engineering.


Augmented reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technique with which virtual texts and symbols are superimposed on a video stream of the external environment. The AR has been applied to maintenance and dismantling processes. In the case of maintenance, several papers have been proposed to scientific community in order to evaluate the impact on task time reduction and on the increase in effectiveness / efficiency of operations. The modern requirements for component recycling push the development of techniques to support the dismantling of components: researches have been developed to evaluate how AR can support disassembly and recycling operations.