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Alessandro Bortolotti

Assistant professor

Department for Life Quality Studies

Academic discipline: M-PED/03 Methodologies of Teaching and Special Education

Director of Second Cycle Degree of Wellness and Sport Management


Keywords: Special Education Motor Praxeology Outdoor Education Adapted Sport Inclusive Games and Sports

My principal field of research concerns the educational role of motor play and sport, especially in those persons with special needs or difficulties, and in childhood. In particular, I investigated the motivation about sport activity in young athletes and the consideration of the Physical Education role of nursery schools teachers. I was also in the group of the project team funded by the European Union, called Value Scout, wich investigated the values conveyed by sport in the formation of the European citizenship, with the Prof. Andrea Canevaro as a referent of the University of Bologna; further, I worked at the Department of Educational Sciences in a research conducted by an interdisciplinary team, we analyzed the children free play in kindergartens and infant schools; actually, I'm engaged in several work of Research-Action at primary schools on similar themes as above. My interests are also linked to  APE (Adapted Physical Education) and Outdoor Education as important means for building a more inclusive society. In particular, I'm doing activity of In-Service teacher training and research on Outdoor Learning for Bologna Municipality, and member of a LLP (Longlife Learning Project)called LINC founded by the European Commission, aimed at improving newly immigrants integration through an Outdoor Learning approach as teaching method for communicators.

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