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Alessandra Castellini

Associate Professor

Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Academic discipline: AGR/01 Agricultural Economics and Rural Appraisal

Curriculum vitae



Education / Professional studies:

Institution:        University of Bologna – Dept. of Agricultural Economics and Engineering

Date From/To: 01/11/1996 – 31/10/1999

Degree/Diploma:          Doctorate in "Agricultural Economics and Policy"

Institution:        Alma Mater Studiorum - University of Bologna, Faculty of Agriculture

Date From/To: 01/11/1989 – 05/04/1995

Degree/Diploma:          Degree in Agricultural Science

Since 2002 Alessandra Castellini is researcher at the Dept. of Agricultural Economics and Engineering of the University of Bologna, Faculty of Agriculture and belongs to the Scientific-disciplinary Sector AGR 01 – Economics and Rural Appraisal.

During the last 5 years in the faculty of Agriculture, she has been head of several teaching courses, in particular “Principles of Marketing”, in the 1st level degree course Economics and marketing of the agri-industrial system, “Economics of International agricultural markets” in the 2nd level degree course Agro-Industrial Systems sciences. She also teaches “Herbal products marketing” in the 1st level degree course Herbal Techniques, belonging to the Faculty of Pharmacy of the University of Bologna.

Alessandra Castellini i s member of the Teachers Board of the Doctorate on Agricultural and Food Economics and Policy.

In the large field of the agricultural economics studies she is involved in several research issues; the most interesting are: the agri-food products market at a national and international level; the fishery sector economics and policy with a particular attention to the environmental sustainability and responsibility; technical-economical analysis of several crops and farming competitiveness and management; marketing strategies; the functional foods and their market and laws; biomasses and bioenergy and the link with the agriculture.

A.C. was a member of the Bologna Operative Unit in the 5th and in the 6th Triennal Research P rogramme about the fishery sector, funded by the Italian Ministry for the Agricultural Food and Forestry Policies . The first project was about “The interactions between the fishery sector and the environment" specifically aimed at developing models for the sustainable development and fishery policies' impact in Emilia-Romagna and Toscana regions while the second research project regarded the “Responsible fishery and sustainability: economical and managing considerations. Multicriterial evaluation models for a responsible fishery”.

A.C. participates at a survey about the comparison between several packaging systems for fruit and vegetables in order to evaluate their economical and environmental impact.

At an international level A.C. was involved in the Interreg - Adrifish project (Promotion of a sustainable fishery in Northern Adriatic sea), particularly in two studies about marketing and labour issues in the fishery sector.

Furthermore she collaborates to the EU funded Asia-link project aimed at surveying the main marketing techniques useful for a local products value enhancement. The project is developed in collaboration with Research Institutes of UK , Austria, China and Thailand.

She has participated to several congresses and conferences as lecturer or speaker, in Italy and in foreign countries.

Membership of professional bodies:

-          IAAE (International Association of Agricultural Economists)

-          EAAE (European Association of Agricultural Economists)

-          SIDEA (Italian Society of Agricultural Economics)

-          Italian Society of Agri-food Economics (SIEA)

-          Professional Association of Agronomists and Forestry Graduates (Doctors)


Language Skills (1-5):

Language                                  Speaking              Reading                Writing

English                                             3                          3                           3

Spanish                                            4                          4                           4

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