Foto del docente

Alessandra Bordoni

Associate Professor

Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Academic discipline: BIO/10 Biochemistry


Keywords: Nutrigenetics Nutrigenomics Functional foods Polyunsaturated fatty acids Chronic disease prevention Bioactive components of vegetable food Antioxidants Nutritional survey In vitro digestion Food components bioavailability Food components bioaccessibilitty

Prof. Bordoni's research fields are mainly related to:

1. Elucidation of the cellular and molecular mechanisms of action of n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids in the heart cell, in order to use them as preventive and therapeutic agents in cardiovascular diseases.

2. Evaluation of the protective effect of different micronutrients against the increased production of free radicals. Implications in human pathologies.

3. Evaluation of he effect of the supplementation of food extracts of plant origin on different biomarkers of oxidative stress.

4. Biochemical and molecular mechanisms of action of polyphenols beyond their antioxidant activity.

5. Efficacy of the supplementation with phytosterols in the regulation of cholesterolemia.

6. Use of innovative, non-thermal technologies for the preservation of nutritional characteristic in food.

7. Nutritional survey to identify unbalanced nutritional intakes in subgroups of population

8. Evaluation of nutrient bioaccessibility via an in vitro digestion system.

Prof. Bordoni published more than 150 articles in international peer reviewed journals on the above mentioned topics. She also authored chapters in several books.

She is member of the Borad of the Italian Society of Human Nutrition (SINU), and she coordinated the "lipids" section of the new Italian Dietary Reference Intakes (LARN).

She is Editor in Chief of the interbnational journal Food and Nutrition Science, and member of the Editorial Board of Food Research International.

She participated in several EU projects, and coordinated the EU project PATHWAY-27, ended in January 2018.

On 16 December 2019, INRAE (AgroCampus Ouest, Rennes, France) awarded Prof. Bordoni the title of Doctor honoris causa in Human Nutrition.