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Alessandra Scagliarini

Full Professor

Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences

Academic discipline: VET/05 Infectious Diseases of Domestic Animals


Keywords: epidemiology transmissible diseases one health zoonoses

Research activities are focused on the pathogenesis, prevention and control of infectious diseases of animals with special reference to zoonotic infectionsProf Alessandra Scagliarini is the coordinator of the following projects:

1. Epitheliotropic virus infections of animals and humans

2. Virus induced oncogenesis and spontaneous animals models

3. Development of innovative  point of care (POC) diagnostic methods

4. antiviral activity of natural and sinthetic molecules towards animal viruses philogenetically correlated to viruses resonsible of Human infectious diseases

5. Development of innovative drug formulations for antiviral treatments (Therapeutic paints comprising sucralfate gel for treating skin and mucosal lesions. PCT EP2008064528 926 PTWO)

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