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Adriano Ferraresi

Associate Professor

Department of Interpreting and Translation

Academic discipline: L-LIN/12 Language and Translation - English

Director of Second Cycle Degree in Specialized translation


S. Bernardini; A. Ferraresi, “A few wellchosen words”: A corpus-driven journey through an episode of Ulysses, in: a joyceful of talkatalka from friendshapes for Rosa Maria Bollettieri Bosinelli, BOLOGNA, Bononia University Press, 2011, pp. 97 - 113 (STUDI INTERDISCIPLINARI SU TRADUZIONE, LINGUE E CULTURE) [Chapter or essay]

Ferraresi A; bernardini S, Review of: Book Review of "Gries, S. Th., Wulff, S. and Davies, M. (eds). Corpus-linguistic applications. Current studies, new directions.", «EMPIRICAL LANGUAGE RESEARCH», 2010, 4, pp. --- - --- [Review]

Bernardini S.; Ferraresi A.; Gaspari F., Institutional academic English in the European context: a web-as-corpus approach to comparing native and non-native language, in: Professional English in the European context: The EHEA challenge, BERNA, Peter Lang, 2010, pp. 27 - 53 [Chapter or essay]

Camilla Bellini; Erica Bianchi; Derek Boothman*; Monica D'Alessandro; Adriano Ferraresi; Maria Lucia Foschi; Manuel Guerrieri; Marco Locatelli; Luna Malaguti; Federica Palmieri; Angela Romolo; Caterina Tassinari, The history of the subaltern groups: Rome and the Middle Ages in Italy, «INTERNATIONAL GRAMSCI JOURNAL», 2010, 2, pp. 14 - 20 [Scientific article]

Ferraresi A.; Bernardini S.; Picci G.; Baroni M., Web Corpora for Bilingual Lexicography: A Pilot Study of English/French Collocation Extraction and Translation, in: Using Corpora in Contrastive and Translation Studies, NEWCASTLE, Cambridge Scholars, 2010, pp. 337 - 359 [Chapter or essay]

Ferraresi Adriano, Google and beyond: web-as-corpus methodologies for translators, «REVISTA TRADUMÀTICA», 2009, 7, pp. - - - [Scientific article]

Baroni M.; Bernardini S.; Ferraresi A.; Zanchetta E., The WaCky Wide Web: A Collection of Very Large Linguistically Processed Web-Crawled Corpora, «LANGUAGE RESOURCES AND EVALUATION», 2009, 43(3), pp. 209 - 226 [Scientific article]

A. Ferraresi; S. Bernardini; M. Baroni; G. Picci, Comparable Web corpora for bilingual lexicography: a pilot study of English/French collocation extraction and translation, in: Proceedings of The International Symposium on Using Corpora in Contrastive and Translation Studies (UCCTS08), HANGZHOU, s.n, 2008, pp. --- - --- (atti di: Using Corpora in Contrastive and Translation Studies (UCCTS08), Zhejiang University, Hangzhou, PRC, 25-27 September 2008) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

A. Ferraresi; E. Zanchetta; M. Baroni; S. Bernardini, Introducing and evaluating ukWaC, a very large Web-derived corpus of English, in: Proceedings of the 4th Web as Corpus (WAC-4) "Can we beat Google?", MARRAKECH, s.n, 2008, pp. 47 - 54 (atti di: Web as Corpus (WAC-4) Workshop at LREC 2008, Marrakech, Marocco, 1 May 2008) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

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