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Antonietta Iacoviello

Adjunct professor

Department of Economics

Department of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

Department of Interpreting and Translation

Teaching tutor

Department of Modern Languages, Literatures, and Cultures

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Supervisor: Post Graduate Thesis in Language, Society & Communication - LILEC

  • The role of foreign-language experts in intercultural markets

  • Impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on linguistic mediation: an investigation among interpreters and mediators

  • The Language of Persuasion: an analysis of the use of persuasion strategies in Apple Inc. advertisement

  • Trade fair communication: A multi-perspective comparison

  • The Impact of Covid-19 on Print Advertisement: a social and linguistic contextualisation of advertisement in 2020

  • Toxic masculinity and the TV series Friends: a gender-based analysis of the Italian translation.

  • The implementation of English as medium of instruction at the University of Bologna: a survey-based study of students’ evaluation of English taught programs

  • Risk communication in a multilingual and multicultural environment: Linguistic challenges in the management of the COVID-19 pandemic

  • Не болтай, because loose talk can cost lives
    A collection of US and Soviet Poster from the discretion campaign during the Second World War

Co-Supervisor: Post Graduate Thesis in Language, Society & Communication -LILEC

  • Bangladesh's garment industry and the issue of migrant women's exploitation
  • Immobility and mobility: left-behind and floating children in East Asia

Supervisor: Under Graduate  Thesis in Dams: Drama, art and music studies -DARvipem

  • Un approccio alla traduzione di “Interpreter of Maladies” attraverso la poetica di Jhumpa Lahiri

SupervisorUnder Graduate Thesis in Intercultural Language Mediation, & in Applied Interlinguistic Communication -DIT

  • Translating “Fantastic Journalism”: Dino Buzzati’s La Peste Motoria

  • The Quest for a Global Language from Ogden's Project of Basic English

  • Translating Children's Literature: translation process and analysis of Raquel Olcoz Moreno's "Zuppa di Arcobaleno"

  • Translating cultural humour and wordplays in the fantasy webcomic Drizzit by Bigio

  • Ready Player One: The Analysis of Specific Dialogue Translation Problems and Potential Cultural Consequences.

  • Brexit: "To be, or not to be?" The decade long question concerning Britain's culture and European identity

  • Translation and analysis of the dialect influenced streets of Perugia

  • Aboriginal Australia: from colonization to resistance

  • Proofreading and analysis of the Italian localization of the first 5 chapters of the videogame "The Last of Us".

  • "Non avevo capito niente": Una proposta di traduzione del romanzo di Diego De Silva

  • Foreign Languages in the Italian Fashion World: Style or Trend?

  • Life in bilingual environments: the case of children

  • Translation of “Jacovittevolissimevolmente Cocco Bill” by Benito Jacovitti, and analysis of the creative ability needed to translate specifically invented terminology.
  • A Gender Journal in the USA - A Case Study
  • The Dilemma of Translationg and Interpreting in the Criminal Justice System: Civil law vs. Common Law
  • Translating and Analyzing Contemporary Italian Dystopian Fiction: Leonardo Patrignani's "Tu non Esisti"
  • Harry Potter and the Cursed Translation
  • Caterina Sforza and Experimenti. Translation into English and Historical-Linguistic analysis of some of her recipes.
  • Aviation English: Structure and Importance of an International Airborne Language
  • Frenitalianese in Montreal: when French, Italian and English collide
  • Survival of the Warzone Interpreter; behind the untold story
  • The creation and use of an international reference glossary specific for horror role-playing games
  • Traduzione di materiale informativo del Parco del Corno alle Scale
  • Videogame localization. A case study: Final Fantasy XII
  • Note-taking in consecutive interpretation; advantages and disadvantages of various techniques
  • The role of languages in TV shows and its impact on the audience: A linguistic analysis of Game of Thrones
  • A suggested translation of art related texts
  • La kryptonite nella borsa: Proposta di traduzione e sottotitolaggio verso l’inglese
  • Editorial reorganization of an alphabetically ordered collection of short stories: analysis of problems and hypothesis of possible solutions
  • Proposta di traduzione e analisi di parti del libro “La Collina” di Andrea Delogu e Andrea Cedrola
  • The role of languages in the Olympic games through history
  • "The Indie revolution" La rivoluzione nel mondo dell’editoria con l’avvento delle nuove tecnologie
  • Wine and Dine tourism in Emilia Romagna: an analysis of the economic and cultural impact of its translation
  • La Valle dei Briganti- proposta di Traduzione in Inglese delle lettere scritte da Dulio Bettini
  • Trees and Words-Translation in visual art
  • Advantages and disadvantages of an author/translator relationship, and the double proposal of a literary translation
  • L’adattatore dialogista cinetelevisivo: Figura e Funzione
  • Literary self-translation: When a text has a twin
  • Dubbing in movies for children

Supervisor: Post Graduate Thesis in Specialized Translation DIT

  • Il linguaggio della medicina: Proposta di Traduzione dall'Italiano all'Inglese del Libro "Osteopatia Come Medicina di Terreno"

Co-supervisor: Post Graduate Thesis in Specialized Translation DIT

  • Il mondo della normazione: un esperienza di traduzione presso l'azienda forlivese CISE
  • The Trauma Towers: Dimensions of trauma in 9/11 literature
  • Tradurre per l’imprese. Analisi e proposta di traduzione in Inglese della Nota Integrativa al Bilancio Consolidato 2013 di MNLG s.r.l. Holding Sorma Group