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Viviana Carmen Lo Martire

Senior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Department of Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences

Academic discipline: BIO/09 Physiology


Alvente, Sara; Berteotti, Chiara; Bastianini, Stefano; Lo Martire, Viviana; Matteoli, Gabriele; Silvani, Alessandro; Zoccoli, Giovanna, Autonomic Mechanisms Of Blood Pressure Alterations During Sleep In Orexin/Hypocretin-Deficient Narcoleptic Mice, «SLEEP», 2021, 44, Article number: zsab022 , pp. 1 - 10 [Scientific article]

Bastianini S.; Lo Martire V.; Alvente S.; Berteotti C.; Matteoli G.; Rullo L.; Stamatakos S.; Silvani A.; Candeletti S.; Romualdi P.; Cohen G.; Zoccoli G., Early-life nicotine or cotinine exposure produces long-lasting sleep alterations and downregulation of hippocampal corticosteroid receptors in adult mice, «SCIENTIFIC REPORTS», 2021, 11, Article number: 23897 , pp. 23897-1 - 23897-13 [Scientific article]

Clissa, Luca ; Morelli, Roberto ; Squarcio, Fabio ; Hitrec, Timna ; Luppi, Marco ; Rinaldi, Lorenzo ; Cerri, Matteo ; Amici, Roberto ; Bastianini, Stefano ; Berteotti, Chiara ; Lo Martire, Viviana ; Martelli, Davide ; Occhinegro, Alessandra ; Tupone, Domenico ; Zoccoli, Giovanna ; Zoccoli, Antonio, Fluorescent Neuronal Cells, 2021. [Database]

Bartolucci M.L.; Berteotti C.; Alvente S.; Bastianini S.; Guidi S.; Lo Martire V.; Matteoli G.; Silvani A.; Stagni F.; Bosi M.; Alessandri-Bonetti G.; Bartesaghi R.; Zoccoli G., Obstructive sleep apneas naturally occur in mice during REM sleep and are highly prevalent in a mouse model of Down syndrome, «NEUROBIOLOGY OF DISEASE», 2021, 159, Article number: 105508 , pp. 105508-1 - 105508-9 [Scientific article]

Berteotti C.; Lo Martire V.; Alvente S.; Bastianini S.; Bombardi C.; Matteoli G.; Ohtsu H.; Lin J.-S.; Silvani A.; Zoccoli G., Orexin/Hypocretin and Histamine Cross-Talk on Hypothalamic Neuron Counts in Mice, «FRONTIERS IN NEUROSCIENCE», 2021, 15, Article number: 660518 , pp. 1 - 8 [Scientific article]Open Access

Berteotti C.; Lo Martire V.; Alvente S.; Bastianini S.; Matteoli G.; Ohtsu H.; Lin J.-S.; Silvani A.; Zoccoli G., Tibialis anterior electromyographic bursts during sleep in histamine-deficient mice, «JOURNAL OF SLEEP RESEARCH», 2021, 30, Article number: e13255 , pp. 1 - 5 [Scientific article]

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Viviana Lo Martire, Danila Caruso, Laura Palagini, Giovanna Zoccoli, Stefano Bastianini, Stress & sleep: A relationship lasting a lifetime, «NEUROSCIENCE AND BIOBEHAVIORAL REVIEWS», 2020, 117, pp. 65 - 77 [Scientific article]

Lo Martire V.; Berteotti C.; Bastianini S.; Alvente S.; Valli A.; Cerri M.; Amici R.; Silvani A.; Swoap S.J.; Zoccoli G., The physiological signature of daily torpor is not orexin dependent, «JOURNAL OF COMPARATIVE PHYSIOLOGY. B, BIOCHEMICAL, SYSTEMIC, AND ENVIRONMENTAL PHYSIOLOGY», 2020, 190, pp. 493 - 507 [Scientific article]

Hitrec T.; Luppi M.; Bastianini S.; Squarcio F.; Berteotti C.; Lo Martire V.; Martelli D.; Occhinegro A.; Tupone D.; Zoccoli G.; Amici R.; Cerri M., Neural control of fasting-induced torpor in mice, «SCIENTIFIC REPORTS», 2019, 9, Article number: 15462 , pp. 1 - 12 [Scientific article]Open Access

Bastianini S.; Alvente S.; Berteotti C.; Bosi M.; Lo Martire V.; Silvani A.; Valli A.; Zoccoli G., Post-sigh sleep apneas in mice: Systematic review and data-driven definition, «JOURNAL OF SLEEP RESEARCH», 2019, 28, Article number: e12845 , pp. 1 - 9 [Scientific article]Open Access

Trazzi, Stefania; De Franceschi, Marianna; Fuchs, Claudia; Bastianini, Stefano; Viggiano, Rocchina; Lupori, Leonardo; Mazziotti, Raffaele; Medici, Giorgio; Martire, Viviana Lo; Ren, Elisa; Rimondini, Roberto; Zoccoli, Giovanna; Bartesaghi, Renata; Pizzorusso, Tommaso; Ciani, Elisabetta*, CDKL5 protein substitution therapy rescues neurological phenotypes of a mouse model of CDKL5 disorder, «HUMAN MOLECULAR GENETICS», 2018, 27, pp. 1572 - 1592 [Scientific article]Open Access

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Fuchs, Claudia; Gennaccaro, Laura; Trazzi, Stefania; Bastianini, Stefano; Bettini, Simone; Martire, Viviana Lo; Ren, Elisa; Medici, Giorgio; Zoccoli, Giovanna; Rimondini, Roberto; Ciani, Elisabetta*, Heterozygous CDKL5 Knockout Female Mice Are a Valuable Animal Model for CDKL5 Disorder, «NEURAL PLASTICITY», 2018, 2018, Article number: 9726950 , pp. 1 - 18 [Scientific article]Open Access

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