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Vittorio Ghini

Associate Professor

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Academic discipline: INF/01 Informatics

Director of First Cycle Degree in Computer Science and Engineering


Keywords: Terminal mobility architectures Multi-layer simulation for IoT systems Network load balancing Energy consumption modeling for smartphones Voice over WiFi Multihoming

The research of Vittorio Ghini is focused on the following five aspects:

1) Management of Multihoming and automatic configuration on mobile devices: Laptops and cell phones are equipped with multiple network interfaces to benefit from the presence of network infrastructure technologically different. Currently, there are no effective protocols that can dynamically adjust the configuration of the mobile device depending on the presence or absence of such networks in order to receive communication through the best channel. The research aims to fill this gap.

2) Network load balancing through multiple interfaces. In the scenario described above, in which mobile devices are equipped with multiple network interfaces, it would be useful to exploit all the network interfaces, not the best one only, so as to increase the amount of data sent / received.

3) Providing properties of reliability, security, confidentiality and transparency regarding the connections from mobile devices. The wireless communications are not very reliable and safe. It would be useful to provide such a communications session, which implements algorithms for reliability, encryption and security. Unfortunately, it is often impossible to modify existing applications for this purpose. In order to allow the use of such applications, and to improve the performance and security, an hidden proxy, operating transparently from the applications, would be the ideal place to provide architectural features of safety and reliability to the wireless communications.

4) Construction of voice communication systems (such VoWiFi) developed to operate in our cities, through wireless short-range networks, so as to reduce both the costs and the electromagnetic pollution. None of the existing systems can provide a sufficient degree of reliability and continuity.

5) System integration between VoWiFi systems and classic telephone systems to operate outside the urban context.

6) In other context, multilayer simulation tools are currently under development for providing simulation of IoT-based systems.

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