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Vanja Baltic

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Vanja Baltić, PhD in Visual, Performing and Media Arts, Department of the Arts, at the University of Bologna and in Theatre Science and Intermediality, Faculty of Arts, Department of Literature, at the University of Antwerp, (joint PhD degree, 2022).

Her PhD research of the title The Birth of a Tragic Hero(ine). On Tragic Excess in Contemporary Theatre (supervisors: Prof. M. De Marinis, Prof. L. Van den Dries, Prof. G. Guccini, Prof. T. De Laet) proposes to analyse - through a series of references to ancient myths, literature, cinema and contemporary theatre - the contingency of excess, in its power to enable the disclosure of some intrinsic aspects of the experience of a tragic hero.  

During her academic studies, she has focused her main interests on 20th-century and contemporary theatre direction and dramaturgy.

She currently works as a teaching tutor for the courses Theories and Techniques of Drama Composition (1) (LM, AY 2022-2023) and Dramaturgy (AY 2022-2023), conduced by Prof. Gerardo Guccini.

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