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Vanessa Voisin

Ricercatrice a tempo determinato tipo b) (senior)

Dipartimento di Storia Culture Civiltà

Settore scientifico disciplinare: M-STO/03 STORIA DELL'EUROPA ORIENTALE

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Une histoire d'internet en Russie de la paix à la guerre (2010-2022) Une histoire d'internet en Russie de la paix à la guerre (2010-2022) Depuis le début des années 2010, la Russie est un laboratoire des contrôles et des contraintes numériques. Des emprises politiques croissantes se déploient sur internet, s'appuyant sur des dispositifs ...

War In Ukraine: Texts: journal and newspaper articles by scholars

see this link * "Meduza project":  [in English:] * Slavic Review Special Collection on Ukraine, Free Access until May 31 Slavic Review in collaboration with ...

War in Ukraine - interviews and presentations online

see this link  *EN: il primo seminario online Danyliw "Ukrainian Scholars in Times of War," fù organizzato dal facoltà di Studi Ucraini all'Università di Ottawa venerdì 8 aprile. La registrazione video ...

Openness, Acceleration, Restructuring: The Soviet 1980s (Spring 2022 REEES Speakers Series)

The 1980s were a pivotal turning point in Soviet history. A convergence of crises greeted the decade—a geriatric leadership, a quagmire in Afghanistan, strife in the satellite states, a renewed Cold War, an ossified economic system, and pervasive cynicism and corruption. The Soviet system hobbled along ...

Interesting website on social realism in Eastern Europe

Organized around a conference and an exhibition in Warsaw (National Gallery of Art). Commented video-tour of the exhibition by each of the two curators (in English or with En subtitles) and many audio-files from interventions at the conference:

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