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Valentina Suprani

PhD Student

Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Teaching tutor

Department of Management

Academic discipline: AGR/01 Agricultural Economics and Rural Appraisal


Keywords: Antimicrobial Resistance Biosecurity Pig farming Economic analysis

My current research for the project "Evaluating costs and benefits from monitoring and improving animal welfare and biosecurity in Italian pig farms through the ClassyFarm system and its metrics", aims to assess economic aspects associable to progresses in the levels of animal welfare and biosecurity about 4.300 pig farms.

Most antibiotics are used to meet the demand for animal proteins in industrial farms, mainly to avoid infections and diseases. But achievements are now at risk because of the excessive or inappropriate Antimicrobial Use.

Today, Antimicrobial Resistance represents one of the greatest threats to public health, and Antimicrobial Use is a key driver of Antimicrobial Resistance. Conditions of animal welfare and biosecurity are the prerequisites for a more prudent use of antibiotics.

The inter-analysis between ClassyFarm metrics and economic values open new perspectives in terms of methods of evaluating alternative strategies to promote animal welfare and biosecurity on farms. This can be applied at the farm level and at the level of policy decisions.

Moreover, pig farming sector presents the largest problem of antibiotic consumption in Italy, so there are margins for considerable improvements in the Italian pig sector that can be worked.

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