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Valentina Suprani

PhD Student

Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Teaching tutor

Department of Management

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Valentina Suprani graduated in Economics and Management in 2020 at Bologna University, and in 2021 gained a scholarship for post-graduate research activities.

Since November 2021, she is a PhD student in Agricultural, Environmental and Food Sciences and Technologies at Bologna University. Her current research for the project "Evaluating costs and benefits from monitoring and improving animal welfare and biosecurity in pig farms through the ClassyFarm system and its metrics", aims to perform an assessment of the costs and benefits associable to progresses in the levels of animal welfare and biosecurity detectable pig farming.

She is a teaching tutor for the course of studies in Economic Geography and Economics of Environmental Resources from the Department of Management.

Currently, she is involved in two European Projects: Cost Action BETTER (on biosecurity in animal farm) and ROADMAP H2020 (focused on prudent antimicrobial use in animal production).



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