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Valentina Baroncini

Adjunct professor

Department of Architecture

Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering

Teaching tutor

Department of Architecture

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Valentina Baroncini (Bologna 1970) graduated cum laude in 1995 in Architecture in Florence, at the same University follows the title of PhD in relief and representation of architecture in 2000. She's contract professor with collaborations with the University of Ferrara, Parma, Florence, Milan (Politecnico). Now teach and research at the University of Bologna , Engineering and Architecture, home to Cesena. In 1998 she won a competition to design a new urban quality Maranello (Mo), for the most innovative project. In 2004 he won a design competition for the construction of three squares in Porto Viro (RO). She has worked with various architects, including Bologna Zanirato-study for professional research and design ideas, obtaining numerous other awards and records. It covers contemporary architecture and its representation and in scientific journals and digital initiatives in the field of architectural culture. In 2006-07 organizes the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Carpi event: The ideal cities, conferences, exhibitions and workshops in architecture. Research carried out in 2009-2010 under the project Spinner 2013, studying visualization systems design and architecture.

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