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Tullio Salmon Cinotti

Associate Professor

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Academic discipline: ING-INF/05 Information Processing Systems

Curriculum vitae

Tullio Salmon Cinotti is Associate Professor at the University of Bologna since 1987 and it is currently in charge of the following courses at the School of Engineering and Architecture: Switching Theory and Logic Design (for undegraduate students, in Bologna), Computer Architecture (for undergraduate students in Cesena and for graduate students in Bologna). Currently Director of the Inter-department Research Center on Electronic Systems "Ercole De Castro" (ARCES). Contributor to the ARTEMIS Strategic Research Agenda 2011 (ARTEMIS is the European Technology Platform on Embedded Systems), currently member of the GTA-ICT, the University of Bologna Thematic Group on ICT. He has a long standing experience in industrial research, mostly focused on embedded systems. Research topics: Packet Switching Networks (1975-79, University of Westminster, London), Industrial Automation (1980-86, Bologna), SIMD architectures for Computer Vision Applications (1988-97), applications to Cultural Heritage (1998-2008), smart environments, IoT and semantic interoperability (currently). Cofounder of a Small ESD Enterprise in Bologna (Boconsult 1982, merged in Ducati Sistemi in the year 2000). Leader of a research group on ambient intelligence at ARCES. Responsible of research contracts funded by the EU and by private institutions, mostly focused on interoperability platforms for multi-domain ecosystems of embedded interacting devices.

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