Foto del docente

Stefano Zaffagnini

Full Professor

Department of Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences

Academic discipline: MED/33 Orthopaedics

Head of Scuola di Specializzazione Ortopedia e Traumatologia (DI 68/2015)


Keywords: navigation sports medicine knee surgery navigation knee surgery sports medicine

Computer Aided Surgery
Knee Biomechanics
Sports Traumatology

Studies conducted on cadaver knee and hip joints to validate mathematical models, hypothesis on joint function, to investigate about soft and bony tissues and their role.
Development of knee and hip models for simulation of rehabilitative or daily life actions, for predicting the individual injury risk or for planning surgical biological reconstruction or prosthesis replacement.
Development and clinical use of navigation systems for intra-operative and post-operative monitoring of knee kinematics, to better understand the effect of different pathology on the knee function, to evaluate the efficacy of the reconstruction and finally to improve the surgical outcome.