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Stefano De Castro

Assistant professor

Department of Physics and Astronomy "Augusto Righi"

Academic discipline: FIS/01 Experimental Physics

Curriculum vitae

Stefano De Castro was born in Bologna the 14th of august 1962 ; he graduated in physics at the university of Bologna in march 1986 under the guide of professors Antonio Bertin and Antonio Vitale . From 1987 until 1989 dr. De Castro went through the Ph. D. activities at the institute of physics of the university of Bologna , attaining the final title in 1990 . Since march 1990 , after resulting winner of a concourse for a researcher job in the 'experimental physics' disciplinar sector , dr. De Castro is in service at the faculty of engineering of the university of Bologna , where he carries out his didactic functions . Five consecutive years long dr. De Castro has been entrusted for a general physics course of the faculty of engineering of the university of Bologna .

The research activity of dr. De Castro has up to now concerned several domains of nuclear and subnuclear physics . In the domains of muon physics and low energy weak interaction physics dr. De Castro undertook phenomenological studies about the relevance in several

contexts , particularly in astrophysics , of the form factors of the weak nucleonic currents and about the consequences of their experimental consequences of their experimental uncertainties on several observational predictions . Dr. De Castro has also been concerned with muon-catalyzed nuclear fusion , in particular with the problem of the energy cost of muon production , which is crucial in order to evaluate the effectiveness of muon-catalyzed fusion for practical purposes . With regard to this topic dr. De Castro undertook both phenomenological and experimental studies , the last ones at the CERN in Geneva .

Dr. De Castro also took part to the OBELIX experiment at the LEAR ( Low Energy Antiproton Ring ) of the CERN . In relation to this experiment dr. De Castro undertook studies on the dynamics of low energy nucleon-antinucleon annihilation and on meson spectroscopy , particularly in the research of 'exotic' mesons , contributing to the development of a new analysis method for the determination of the parameters of hadronic resonances and to the attainment of several remarkable results .

Dr. De Castro took then part to the HERA-B experiment at the DESY laboratory in Hamburg , contributing to the attainment of significative results concerning the production of heavy quarks in high energy hadronic interactions .

Dr. De Castro is currently engaged in the ATLAS experiment at the LHC ( Large Hadron Collider ) of the CERN and he carries out phenomenological studies about the research of characteristic effects of physics beyond the standard model of subnuclear particles and interactions .

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