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Stefano Luciano Ciurli

Full Professor

Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology

Academic discipline: CHIM/03 General and Inorganic Chemistry


Mazzei, Luca; Cianci, Michele; Contaldo, Umberto; Musiani, Francesco; Ciurli, Stefano, Urease Inhibition in the Presence of N-(n-Butyl)thiophosphoric Triamide, a Suicide Substrate: Structure and Kinetics, «BIOCHEMISTRY», 2017, 56, pp. 5391 - 5404 [Scientific article]

Mazzei, Luca; Cianci, M.; Musiani, Francesco; Ciurli, STEFANO LUCIANO, Inactivation of urease by 1,4-benzoquinone: Chemistry at the protein surface, «DALTON TRANSACTIONS», 2016, 45, pp. 5455 - 5459 [Scientific article]Open Access

Mazzei, Luca; Ciurli, Stefano; Zambelli, Barbara, Isothermal Titration Calorimetry to Characterize Enzymatic Reactions, in: Calorimetry, Detroit, Andrew L. Feig, 2016, pp. 215 - 236 (METHODS IN ENZYMOLOGY) [Chapter or essay]

Mazzei, Luca; Cianci, Michele; Benini, Stefano; Bertini, Leonardo; Musiani, Francesco; Ciurli, STEFANO LUCIANO, Kinetic and structural studies reveal a unique binding mode of sulfite to the nickel center in urease, «JOURNAL OF INORGANIC BIOCHEMISTRY», 2016, 154, pp. 42 - 49 [Scientific article]Open Access

Zambelli, Barbara; Uversky, Vladimir N.; Ciurli, Stefano, Nickel impact on human health: An intrinsic disorder perspective, «BIOCHIMICA ET BIOPHYSICA ACTA-PROTEINS AND PROTEOMICS», 2016, 1864, pp. 1714 - 1731 [Scientific article]

Borghese, Roberto; Canducci, Laura; Musiani, Francesco; Cappelletti, Martina; Ciurli, Stefano; Turner, Raymond J.; Zannoni, Davide, On the role of a specific insert in acetate permeases (ActP) for tellurite uptake in bacteria: Functional and structural studies, «JOURNAL OF INORGANIC BIOCHEMISTRY», 2016, 163, pp. 103 - 109 [Scientific article]

Fabini, Edoardo; Zambelli, Barbara; Mazzei, Luca; Ciurli, STEFANO LUCIANO; Bertucci, Carlo, Surface plasmon resonance and isothermal titration calorimetry to monitor the Ni(II)-dependent binding of Helicobacter pylori NikR to DNA, «ANALYTICAL AND BIOANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY», 2016, 408, pp. 7971 - 7980 [Scientific article]

Musiani, F.; Ciurli, S., Evolution of macromolecular docking techniques: The case study of nickel and iron metabolism in pathogenic bacteria, «MOLECULES», 2015, 20, pp. 14265 - 14292 [Scientific article]

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Musiani, Francesco; Zambelli, Barbara; Bazzani, Micaela; Mazzei, Luca; Ciurli, Stefano, Nickel-responsive transcriptional regulators, «METALLOMICS», 2015, 7, pp. 1305 - 1318 [Scientific article]

Mazzei, L.; Dobrovolska, O.; Musiani, F.; Zambelli, B.; Ciurli, S., On the interaction of Helicobacter pylori NikR, a Ni(II)-responsive transcription factor, with the urease operator: In solution and in silico studies, «JBIC», 2015, 20, pp. 1021 - 1037 [Scientific article]

Lopes, F. C.; Dobrovolska, O.; Real-Guerra, R.; Broll, V.; Zambelli, B.; Musiani, F.; Uversky, V. N.; Carlini, C. R.; Ciurli, S., Pliable natural biocide: Jaburetox, an intrinsically disordered insecticidal and fungicidal polypeptide derived from jack bean urease, «FEBS LETTERS», 2015, 282, pp. 1043 - 1064 [Scientific article]

F. Agriesti;D. Roncarati;F. Musiani;C. Del Campo;M. Iurlaro;F. Sparla;S. Ciurli;A. Danielli;V. Scarlato, FeON-FeOFF: the Helicobacter pylori Fur regulator commutates iron-responsive transcription by discriminative readout of opposed DNA grooves, «NUCLEIC ACIDS RESEARCH», 2014, 42, pp. 3138 - 3151 [Scientific article]

Benini, S.; Cianci, M.; Mazzei, L.; Ciurli, S., Fluoride inhibition of Sporosarcina pasteurii urease: Structure and thermodynamics, «JBIC», 2014, 19, pp. 1243 - 1261 [Scientific article]

Mazzei L; Ciurli S; Zambelli B, Hot biological catalysis: isothermal titration calorimetry to characterize enzymatic reactions, «JOURNAL OF VISUALIZED EXPERIMENTS», 2014, 86, Article number: 51487 , pp. e51487 - - [Scientific article]

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