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Stefano Benazzi

Full Professor

Department of Cultural Heritage

Academic discipline: BIO/08 Anthropology


Keywords: Paleoanthropology Osteoarchaeology Biomechanics Dental Anthropology Virtual Anthropology

Osteoarcheology: excavation and study of human skeletal and possibly mummified remains, coming from archaeological contexts using traditional skeletal anthropology approaches, assisted by digital methods, to reconstruct the biological profile, life and health conditions of individuals and past populations; the same approaches are used in the forensic field for individual recognition;

Paleoanthropology: study of fossil hominid remains for the reconstruction of human evolution, based on morphological description and digital morphometric analysis (e.g., geometric morphometric);

Dental anthropology: morphological description and morphometric analysis of human and non-human primate teeth, mainly applying digital methods for examining the external shape, internal dental architecture, and tooth wear;

Biomechanics: bone and dental biomechanics using digital approaches (for example, finite element methods; trabecular bone biomechanics) to understand aspects of skeleton functional morphology;

Virtual anthropology: use of digital methods for the virtual reconstruction of fragmented skeletal remains

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