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Stefania Manzi

Assistant professor

Department of Civil, Chemical, Environmental, and Materials Engineering

Academic discipline: ING-IND/22 Materials Science and Technology

Curriculum vitae


1999: Master degree cum laude in Building Engineering – University of Bologna.

Master Thesis “Cathodic protection of underground metallic pipelines. Definition and analysis of parameters necessary for a design preliminary to the laying”

2000: Professional Chartership  – Engineering

2001: Master in “Architectural Tender Design” – Regione Emilia Romagna

2003: Ph. D. in Materials Engineering – University of Bologna

Master Thesis “Sulfur concrete for buildings and renovation. Technology, characterization and sustainability issues”

2006: Second Level Master in “Facility Management and Global Service” - University of Bologna

2017: Course “Academic Teaching Excellence” English as a Medium of Instruction delivered by the British Council for the University of Bologna



2000: Trainee Design Engineer for Engineering and Architecture Consultants, Bologna

2000: Fellowship of HERA S.p.A., Bologna, in collaboration with the University of Bologna. Project title: “Design construction and upgrade of company' s physical plant - Technical and safety issues”

2000: Fund holder in “Young Researcher Project”: “Sustainable building industry and construction materials”- University of Bologna

2001-03: Assegnista di ricerca (fellowship) – Dept. of Civil, Chemical, Environmental and Materials Engineering (DICAM), University of Bologna.

Project Title: “Design assessment and sustainability issues of traditional and innovative building materials”.


2003-05: Post Doctoral Fellow –DICAM

Project Title: “Mortar and concrete for sustainable buildings: materials, technologies and performances”

2005-06: Assegnista di ricerca (fellowship) of the “Mechanical Engineering Design Material Laboratory”, PRRIITT Project “Regional Programme for Industrial Research, Innovation and Technological Transfer”, DICAM

Project Title: “Ceramics and polymer composites”

2006-07: Site supervisor and Project Engineer for Commercial and Residential Development in Bologna suburban area - Manutencoop, Bologna (Construction Division)

2007: Since 1 October University Researcher in the field of Science and Materials Technology - DICAM

Her research activity is based on agreements with the industrial and university reality: it mainly concerns on materials for civil and building engineering, architectural restoration and the most innovative production and setting processes. In particular, the Research focuses on composite materials with cement and/or polymer matrix, particulate and fiber reinforced, on reuse of waste (industrial waste, from construction and demolition, etc.) and on materials used in ancient architecture for restoration.

The use of waste is a key point of materials sustainability for building engineering. It is pursued in Research with new operative methodologies for the choice of low environmental impact materials.

She is the author of 70 scientific papers and of 25 oral presentations at national/international congresses.

She is also supervisor of 47 Master Degree Theses and co-supervisor of 40 Master Degree Theses discussed in the field of materials for buildings, industries and restoration.

She has activities within the “Official Laboratory of Materials Science and Technology - LASTM” (recognized as Official Laboratory of eminent utility by the Italian laws L. 26.05.65, n. 595 and L. 05.11.71, n. 1086) of the DICAM, University of Bologna.


Teaching activity

Since 2001/2002 she keeps assistance in Master Degree Courses in the field of Science and Materials Technology (European second level Degree Course in Building Engineering/Architecture, Degree Course in Chemical Engineering, International second level Degree Course in Materials and Sensor Systems for Environmental Technologies). In 2008/2009 and 2009/2010 she is in charge of a teaching position of “Materials Technology and Applied Chemistry L” (Degree Course in Building Engineering) and is a member in the Final Exam Degree Course in Building Engineering. In 2008/2009 she has been in charge of a teaching position of “Chemistry and Technology of materials' restoration and conservation” (European second level Degree Course in Building Engineering/Architecture) and in the “Master degree course in Sustainable Architecture” at the University of Bologna (within the Modulus “Materials and Sustainable Construction”). Since 2009/2010 she is in charge of a teaching position of “Laboratory of Materials Characterization M” (Second level Degree Course in Chemical and Process Engineering), Modulus “Laboratory of Materials Characterization” in the Integrated Course “Materials Characterization and Laboratory” (International second level Degree Course in "Materials and Sensors Systems for Environmental Technologies" and International second level Degree Course in "Materials and Sensor Engineering for Environmental Sustainability") and Modulus about diagnostic for restoration in the Course “Chemistry and Technology of materials' restoration and conservation” (European second level Degree Course in Building Engineering/Architecture). Since 2013/14 she is in charge of a teaching position of a Modulus in the Course “Materials for Industrial Product T” (Degree Course in Industrial Design). Since 2015/16 she is in charge of a teaching position of "Chemistry and Technology of Materials T (A-K)” (First cycle degree programmes (L) in Civil Engineering).

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