Foto del docente

Stefania Albonetti

Full Professor

Department of Industrial Chemistry "Toso Montanari"

Academic discipline: CHIM/04 Industrial Chemistry

Director of First Cycle Degree in Chemical methodologies for products and processes

Curriculum vitae

In 1989 she won an Erasmus fellowship that allowed her to spend one year (October 1989 - June 1990) at the University of Canterbury (University of Kent) ·        

1990 - University Diploma with merit in Chemistry at the Kent University. ·        

1992 - Degree in Industrial Chemistry at the University of Bologna, Department of Industrial Chemistry and Materials (Supervisor Prof. F. Trifirò) ·        

1996 - Ph.D in Industrial Chemistry (Supervisor Prof. Trifirò) During her Ph.D period was visiting scientist at: CNRS – Institut de Recherchers sur la catalyse – Lyon, France (Prof. Volta), Instituto de Catalisis y Petroleoquimica, Cantoblanco, Madrid, Spain (Prof. Fierro), Rhone Poulenc – Paris- France (Dr. Burattin), Lonza Alusuisse, Scanzorosciate, Bergamo, Italy (Dr. Mazzoni). ·        

1995 - 2001, Research and Development responsible of Catalysis Department in Lonza SpA, Alusuissegroup, Scanzorosciate, Bergamo (Italy). ·        

From June 2001 Researcher in the Departement of Industrial Chemistry, form 2023 Full Professor. Since 2001, she has been carrying out her teaching activity within the courses of Industrial Chemistry, Catalysis and Ceramic Technologies of the Degrees in Industrial Chemistry and Material Chemistry and Ceramic Technologies of the University of Bologna. She has been advisor and co-advisor of many Degree and Ph-D Dissertations.

She is co-author of 140 papers on international journals,13 international patents, 8 book chapters and a number of communications at national and international meetings.  From 2013 she is coordinator of the Erasmus Mundus Doctorate Program in Industrial Sustainable Chemistry (SINCHEM -  

Topics: Her scientific interests are the technological applications of material science and heterogeneous catalysis directed to the solution of environmental problems, such as the design of innovative materials for more environmental friendly industrial processes (pollution reduction, replacement of toxic or less compatible products, biomass valorization etc.). Special interest is given to the study of innovative catalysts for biomass valorization and to the synthesis of nanoparticles for industrial applications.