Foto del docente

Simone Garagnani

Adjunct Associate Professor

Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna

Academic discipline: ICAR/17 Representation of Architecture


Keywords: 3D Modeling Building Information Modeling Digital photogrammetry CAAD - Computer Aided Architectural Design Terrestrial laser scanning Cultural Heritage Virtual Archaeology Computer-generated Imagery (CGI)

Simone Garagnani's primary field of interest is focused on architectural modeling, intended not only as a representation instrument, but in a wider meaning as a method to digitally archive and manage information among the several actors involved in the design process.
To study and develop this research, Simone Garagnani attended the doctoral school at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Bologna, with a Ph.D. Thesys entitled: " Digital Models and Design Archives - Integrated systems for architectural documentation".
His Ph.D. thesis is aimed at a deep analisys of state-of-the-art methods to embed design data into digital models, in order to develop an advanced planning instrument destined to architects, engineers and designers. This is slightly beyond the commercial Building Information Modeling definition, as mathematical studies and knowledge-based theories are involved.