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Simona Caraceni

Adjunct professor

Department of Classical Philology and Italian Studies

Curriculum vitae

I'm specialized in technology in the cultural assets field, but also new media communication and multimediality, e-learning and project management: since '94 has been involved in new media and new technology applications in communications and art. 

I taught at the Universities of Bozen. Florence, Milan, Macerata and Bologna. Recently I taught Informatics at the Bozen University, Social technological interaction at IED and Naba, in Milan, and for the University of Florence. Actually I teach Museum Informatics at the dept. of Computer Science of the University of Bologna.

My theoretical and work activity is about internet based communication (also web 2.0 and metaverses), museum and technology, man-machine interfaces, multimediality and multimodality, videogame, and new media languages of communication. 

In the field of applied research I works on the opportunities of online communication, multimedia and multimodal interfaces and e-learning with University of Bologna, NABA, City Council of Bologna, Regional Council of Emilia Romagna and Cineca.

In the field of museology I'm an ICOM member (italian commitee) and I focus on restoration of virtual museums. Since 2010 I am the promoter of "Audio-video and new technology" italian committee. I am an elected member of the AVICOM International executive board.


project management, e-learning, teaching, technology projects in the cultural assets field, restoration of virtual museums, videogames and interaction design, relationship between museums and technology, simulations