Foto del docente

Silvio Salvi

Full Professor

Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Academic discipline: AGR/07 Agricultural Genetics

Director of Second Cycle Degree in Plant and Agricultural Biotechnology


Keywords: molecular markers maize QTL Molecular genetics of plant development barley mutagenesis

Scientific competence and research activity

My research activity is in the area of crop molecular genetics, mainly on the following species: maize, wheat and barley, on fruit trees (apple) and on biomass crops (Arundo donax). Obiectives include the identification of genes important for i) yield improvement, ii) increase tolerance to abiotic stresses, iii) root, flower and fruit development. Approaches and technologies in use include: linkage mapping, gene and QTL mapping and cloning in both cereals and fruit crop species; development of innovative strategies and tools for mapping, including LD-based association mapping, and marker-assisted selection; assembly and molecular analysis of germplasm collections for breeding porpuses; mutagenesis and TILLING.