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Silviero Sansavini

Professor emeritus

Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna

Curriculum vitae

-        Degree in Agricultural Sciences, University of Bologna, Bologna, Italy, 1958.

- Full Professor of “Frutticoltura” (Pomo logy) since 1974 and Director of the “Department of Colture Arboree” (Department of Fruit and Woody Plant Sciences), from 1977 to 1998 andfrom 2001 till2007. Headof  the “Centro per il Miglioramento Varietale in Frutticoltura” ( Research Center for Fruit Breeding and Variety Improvement). Retired november 2008.

-        1984-2008 Coordinator of the Doctorate Program on “Fruit and Woody Plant Science and Landscape Planning”.

-        “Visiting associate professor” at the University of California, at Davis, Dept. of Pomology, in 1969 and 1975.

-        Awarded honorary degree in Horticultural Sciences, University of Budapest , 1981.

-        Recipient of the National Canners Association Award by the American Society for Horticultural Sciences for his work on “ripening of nectarines and canning peaches” (1971).

-        ASHS “Fellow-elect” 1995 ( Montreal , Canada ); ISHS “Fellow elect” (2002); previously cited (1998) for his “outstanding effort in the planning of the joint ISHS -ASHS “WCHR”, Rome , 1998.

-        Recipient of the “Wilder Medal 2000” by the American Pomological Society and of the “Gold Veitch Memorial Medal” (2001) of the Royal Hortic. Society ( London ).

-        Recipient of the President of Italy's award “Gold medal” as –”Benemerito della scienza e della  cultura” (2001) for his outstanding contributions to science and culture .

-        Elected Member of the University of Bologna Senate (1997-99)

-        President of the International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS) (1994 – 1998) and Chairman of its Fruit Section (1986-1994)

-        President of Italian Society for Horticulture – SOI (1986-1992)

-        Author or co-author of more than 600 papers on pomology, physiologiy and genetic-biotechnology aspects of pome and stone fruits.


Res. Project leader:

¨      1976-1982: “Fruit Tree Fertility”, research sub-project in the overall “Biology of Reproduction Project” of Italy's National Research Council (Rome).

¨      1982-1988 : IPRA Project of the National Research Council as Coordinator of the working group on “Pollination and Growth Regulators in Fruit Production” ( Rome ).

¨      1993-1997 : RAISA Project of National Research Council as Coordinator of the research area “Factors and Mechanisms regulating fruit quality”, Rome .

¨      1993-1999 : CRPV - Regional Government of Emilia-Romagna: Apple and Peach Program for growth modelling and high quality control in “Integrated production”

¨      1991-2002 :MIPAF – Ministry of Agriculture and Policy national project on “Frutticoltura”; National Coordinator of “Pome fruits breedings” and “Genetic resistance to biotic stresses”: Breeding program on scab resistance of apple and use of molecular markers.

¨      1996-2002 National Biotechnology Program (MAF, Ministry of Agriculture & Forestry, Rome ): member of the Scientific Committee and national coordinator of the research area “cell manipulation” and local leader in “early assisted selection”, regeneration and Vf gene transfer in apple breeding.

¨      1998-2002 : Coordinator of MURST project on grafting incompatibility physiology (pear on quince) and functional aspects of scion-rootstock systems.

¨      2000-2002 : Coordinator of MURST project on Genetic and molecular studies on PPV/Sharka in apricot.

¨      1999-2003 : Coordinator of an Interdipartimental project on O organic fruit production(Biofruit), at University of Bologna

¨      since 1994 : Coordinator of the MIPAF – National Project for “Pome fruit evaluation” of new varieties (annual lists for grower orientation)

¨      1998-2002 : EU Project D.A.R.E., Italy group leader for “Durable resistance to fungi diseases in apple” and partner of EU Project HiDRAS “High quality disease resistant apples” (2003-2006)

¨      2002 -2005: a) DCA coordinator of MIUR-FIRB 1 Project – Integrated molecular approach to apply genetic variability in agriculture; b) Partner of FIRB 2 (2004 – 2007) Project – TDF (transcript derived fragment) Automatic clonage for resistance to pathogens.


Editorial activity:

¨      Editor-in-chief (since 1986) of the monthly journal Rivista di Frutticoltura, published by Il Sole - 24 Ore - Edagricole, Bologna .

¨      Editor-in-chief (1988 - 2002) of the book inprint: Collana di Frutticoltura Moderna, EdAgricole izioni Calderini, Bologna (16 volumes).

¨      Member of the Editorial Board (since 1988) of the weekly agrimagazine Terra e Vita, Il Sole - 42 Ore – Edagricole, Bologna .

¨      Member of the Editorial Boards (1996-2005) of the International Journal of Fruit Science ( Binghamton , N. Y.) and of the Journal “Fruits”, CIRAD, Montpellier (F) (1998 - 2002)

¨      Member (1980-2000) of “Comité de Lecture” of the French journal L'Arboriculture Fruitière and of the Editorial Board of: Journal Horticultural Science ( Budapest , H)(1994-96); “Agronomie”, INRA (1998- 2001)

¨      Member (2001-2005) of the Editorial Board of the Journal “Agricultural ecosystem and plant genetics”, INRA, Montfavet (France) and since 2003 of the Journal “Folia Horticulturae”, Krakow (Poland)

¨      Associate Editor (2007) Revista Brasileira de Fruticultura

¨      Referee for the Elsevier Ed. System for Plant Science, for the Journals “Tree Genetics and Genomics” ( Davis , CA ), “Advances in Horticultural Science” ( Florence ), Italus Hortus ( Rome ), Egyptian Journal of Horticulture ( Cairo ) and the Indian Journal of Horticulture ( New Delhi ).

¨      Editor (2007) and co-author of the book “Nuove frontiere dell'ìarboricoltura italiana”, pp. 570, A. Perdisa Ed., Ozzano, Bologna. .


Other :

§Full member of Italy's National Academy of Agriculture, Bologna, since 1975. Correspondent member of Academie d'Agriculture of France, Paris, since 1989. Correspondent member of Accademia italiana della vite e del vino, Siena, since 1989. c

§         Correspondent f the Accademia dei Georgofili, Florence, Italy, since 1996; of the Accademia delle Scienze, Bologna, since 2001. .

§         Organiser and proceedings editor of several dozen congresses, symposiaand , workshops of the S.O.I. (Società Orticola Italiana), and I.S.H.S. (Intl. Soc. Hort. Science), including the “1st Int. Symp. on Growth Regulators in Fruit Production”, Rimini, 1985; the 15th Int. Symposium on “In vitro culture and Horticultural breeding”, Cesena, 1989; ISHS Forum on Strategies for Hort. Societies in the 1990's, Florence; ISHS Workshop on “Strategies for a modern Pomology”, Kyoto, 1994; World Conference on Horticultural Research, ISHS-ASHS, Rome; 1998, VIII Int. Symposium on Pear, Ferrara; 2000Workshop on Mediterranean Horticulture in Hot and Dry Climate, Cairo, 2000; Symposium of Genetics and Breeding of Tree Fruits and Nuts, Toronto, XXVI ISHS Congress, 2002 (as co-convener). .

§         The WCHR ( Rome 1998) was the most important international effort: as leader of a joint-venture between ISHS and ASHS, trying to start new organisational and political actions in promoting international cooperation in research and development of horticulture, especially in favour of developing countries.

§         President of the I.S.H.S., Leuven, Belgium, 1994-1998, and former chairman of the ISHS Fruit Section (Wageningen, The Netherlands, 1986-1994), and designated member, for Italy , of the ISHS Council (2001 – 2006).

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