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Salvatore Cosentino


Department of Cultural Heritage

Academic discipline: L-FIL-LET/07 Byzantine Civilization

Curriculum vitae

-  High School in Classical Studies (1979);  
- Degree (Laurea) in History (University of Bologna, 1984);  
- PhD in Medieval History (University of Turin, 1990);  
- Post-doc (University of Bologna, 1992-1993);  
- Fellowship for research activity (Fondazione Flaminia, 1994-1995); 
- Assistant Professor in Medieval History (University of Cagliari, 1996-2000);
- Summer fellow at Dumbarton Oaks Center for Byzantine Studies (Washington D. C., 1999);
- Winner of the CNR programme "Short Term Mobility" (2000);
- Professor of Byzantine Civilization (Università di Bologna, since 2001); 
- Member of the editorial board of "Bizantinistica. Rivista di Studi Bizantini e Slavi" (since 2001): 
- Visiting Professor at the  Université of Montpellier III (May 2002); 
- Gast at  Max Planck-Institut fuer Rechtsgeschichte, Frankfurt a/Main (August 2004);  
- Stanley J. Seeger visiting research in Hellenic Studies at Princeton University (March-May 2006);  
- Member of the "Accademia delle Scienze" of Bologna (since 2006); 
- Member of the Board of the "Associazione Italiana di Studi Bizantini" (2007-2011);  
- Visiting professor at the Université de Montepellier III (December, 2008); 
- Visiting researcher at the Italian Academy at Columbia University (Spring semester, 2011); 
- Italian Member of the AIEB Committee for the publication of the  "Inscriptiones Graecae Aevi Byzantini "(August 2011);  
- Member of the editorial board of  "Felix Ravenna" (since 2012); 
- Member of the editorial board of "Jahrbuch der Oesterreichischen Byzantinistik" (since 2012); 
- Coordinator of the PhD Programme in "Studi sul patrimonio Culturale / Cultural Heritage Studies"  (since 2012);
- Member of the editorial board of "Mediterraneo Antico. Economie, Società, Culture" (since 2013).

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