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Sabrina Fusari

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Dipartimento di Lingue, Letterature e Culture Moderne

Settore scientifico disciplinare: L-LIN/12 LINGUA E TRADUZIONE - LINGUA INGLESE

Contenuti utili

Instructions to attend lessons and esercitazioni in person (‘in presenza’)

For lezioni frontali, students wishing to attend lessons in person must register in Presente  for the course and the time period(s) available.

For esercitazioni, please follow the instructions outlined below:

1) Log on to Virtuale.

2) Select your group (e.g. 1A). Make sure it is the group for 2021-22 , and not for the preceding year. Click on the underlined group name.

3) Go to Annunci.

4) You will see a list of dates for your specific group.

5) Click on the date you wish to attend (e.g Inglese 1 Esercitazioni: 7th October) and follow the instructions. A deadline for signing up will be indicated.

NB There is a room capacity limit owing to the Covid Protocol, so make sure you book early to guarantee a place.

IMPORTANT: Students who do not book a place online will not be permitted to attend in person and will have to follow the lesson online.