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Stefano Fanti

Full Professor

Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences

Academic discipline: MED/36 Imaging and Radiotherapy


Curriculum vitae



Born in Bologna, Italy, April 28, 1964

Work Address: Policlinico S.Orsola, Nuclear Medicina, Via Massarenti 9, 40138 Bologna


At present I am full time employed in Nuclear Medicine, Full Professor (sector MED-36, Diagnostic Imaging) at the University of Bologna, Director of Nuclear Medicine Division and of PET Unit at the Policlinico S.Orsola, Director of Specialty School of Nuclear Medicine at University of Bologna.


M.D. (Laurea in Medicina e Chirurgia) 10/1991 (Università di Bologna 110/110 con lode).

Professional Certification (Specializzazione in Medicina Nucleare) 11/1996 (Università di Bologna 70/70 con lode).


I completed my medical graduation in 1991 and my specialty in nuclear medicine in 1996, then started working as nuclear medicine physician (1997) at the nuclear medicine division of Maggiore Hospital (Bologna). In 1999 the project of PET Unit at S.Orsola Policlinic started, and I was identified as referent nuclear medicine physician, thus moving to the S.Orsola Hospital and participating to site planning and start up. In 2002 the PET Unit started and I was medical director as of the beginning; since then the activity grew up very rapidly. The PET Unit at present has a 17MeV cyclotron, a radiopharmacy with 10 cells and modules, 4 PET/CT tomographs. In last years the PET Unit carried out more than 12000 exams, resulting one of the most active in Europe. As of August 2010 I was nominated director of the division of nuclear medicine, a unit employing more than 50 professionals including 10 nuclear medicine physicians, radiopharmacists, technologists etc. In March 2014 I was incharged of reorganizing the metropolitan activity of nuclear medicine in Bologna, and then I was nominated as Referente of Nuclear Medicine Division of Maggiore Hospital.


I started teaching for the University of Bologna at trainees in 2002, then I successfully applied as Associate Professor in 2005, in the scientific discipline of Diagnostic Imaging. In 2006 I became Director of Specialty School in Nuclear Medicine (official EC post graduate training), and I still hold that position (at present the school has 20 residents). I have courses at Medical School (University of Bologna) on Nuclear Medicine, and in many specialty schools of the University. As of 2005 I was supervisior and discussant of more than 30 MD thesis; at the same time under my supervision every year 3/4 residents obtain full certification.


Author of more than 600 full articles published in peer reviewed international journals, with an overall IF of more than 3000, more than 30000 citations and H-index of 94 on Google Scholar (among the top ten in Italy for diagnostic imaging specialist). In last 5 years I published more than 50 papers/year on the topic of PET. I am also author of more than 1000 abstracts presented at national and international meetings; author of 15 books (including Atlas of PET-CT [Springer], PET-CT Beyond FDG [Springer]) as well as 18 chapters and part of books (the majority in english).

I am associate editor of Clinical and Translational Imaging, member of the Editorial Board of the European Journal of Nuclear Medicine, and of the Spanish Journal of Nuclear Medicine; I currently serve as reviewer for the Lancet Oncology, American Journal of Cancer, BMC Cancer, Journal of Nuclear Medicine, European Journal of Nuclear Medicine, European Urology, European Journal of Hematology, Clinical Cancer Research and other international journals.


Invited lecturer at more than 250 national and international meetings (most recently at Munich 3/2016, Riyadh 2/2016, Hamburg 10/2015, Roma 10/2015, Munchen 7/2015, Istanbul 5/2015, Toulose 4/2015, Vienna 3/2015, Madrid 3/2015, St.Gallen 3/2015, Washington 2/2015, Goteborg 10/2014, Innsbruck 10/2014, Cancun 8/2014, Davos 3/2014, London 3/2014, Zell-am-See 1/2014, Lyon 10/2013, Curitiba 10/2013, Amsterdam 9/2013, London 9/2013, Murcia 6/2013, Melbourne 4/2013, Perth 4/2013, Albi 11/2012, Salvador 10/2012, Vienna 9/2012, London 9/2012, Warsaw 5/2012, Riyadh 4/2012, Vienna 3/2012, London 1/2012, Birmingham 10/2011, London 9/2011, Turku 5/2011, SaoPaulo 5/2011, Rio 5/2011, Kuwait 4/2011, Barcelona 2/2011, Munich 1/2011, Murcia 11/2010, Vienna 10/2010, Singapore 7/2010, Davos 3/2010, Vienna 3/2010, Barcelona 10/2009, Cardiff 10/2009, Birmingham 10/2009, Munich 7/2009, Ryihad 5/2009, London 4/2009, Kuwait 3/2009, Manchester 2/2009).

Among other lectures, I held the Marie Curie lecture at EANM 2015; plenary lectures at EAU, ECR, RCR, EANM. In the great majority of cases I was invited to talk about PET, and in particular on clinical use of nonFDG tracers.


Started my career in conventional nuclear medicine, and subsequently my main interest became PET, participating to many research projects on clinical application of PET and PET-CT in oncology, especially in lymphoma and prostate cancer; I also participated to many clinical trials with GCP requirement (at present my Division is involved in more than 30 trials). I personally lead as main investigator several experimental projects in the field of new PET tracers, including C-Choline, F-DOPA and Ga-DOTA-NOC, as well as pre-clinical trials on new tracers and new application of PET. I act as co-ordinator or local main investigator of several national and international multicenter trials.


As Director of PET I participated several grant applications as research leader or collaborator; the overall amount of funds raised up by PET Center in last 7 years was about 3.2 million Euro. The most relevant grants were obtained form national institutions (University, Regional Healthcare Agency, Ministry of University), with either projects lead by me as scientific co-ordinator, or participating to multicentre trials.

Among other funds, we had successfully applied to grants from AIRC 2016, Movember 2014, Regione ER Università 2013, Regione ER Università 2010-2, R Finalizzata 2010, PRIN 2006, PSA 2005, FIRB 2004.


I serve as reviewer for grant application for several international institutions, including Swiss National Science Foundation, Institut National du Cancer (France), Academy of Finland, Dutch Cancer Society, Health Research Board Ireland, Netherland Organization for Health Research, Flemish League against Cancer. I also have been reviewer for other institutions such as Wellcome Trust (UK), Prostate Cancer UK, Movember (AUS), Health Cluster of Wallonia (BE), Odense University (DEN).


I collaborate since many years with IAEA, either for research activities (including CRP on Interim PET in DLBCL; consensus GP for Introducing Radiopharmaceuticals for Clinical Use), missions as expert and lecturer, and training. I am currently member of EANM, at present Chair of the Oncology Committment (2016-2019); subcommittment member of ECR.

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