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Rosa Grimaldi

Full Professor

Department of Management

Academic discipline: ING-IND/35 Business and Management Engineering

Curriculum vitae

Rosa Grimaldi – Short CV

Rosa Grimaldi earned her Bachelor in Management Engineering from the Polytechnique University of Turin, Italy, in 1996. She took a Master's degree in “Technology and Innovation Management” at SPRU (Science Policy Research Unit), Sussex, UK. In 2000, she took a Ph.D in Industrial Engineering. In 2002 she joined the Ross School of Management, University of Michigan, as Visiting Scholar, where she conducted research on the impact of new technologies on competitiveness, with professor Allan Afuah.

From 2002 to 2004 she has been assistant professor at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Bologna. Since 2004 she is associate professor of Technology and Innovation Management at the Department of Management of the University of Bologna.

She teaches 'Innovation Management' and 'Entrepreneurship in high tech industries' at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Bologna. She is the scientific director of the Executive Master in Technology and Innovation Management at ALMA Graduate School (
 Within this Executive Master, she teaches ‘Technology Entrepreneurship'.

She is also part of the Faculty of the Ph.D program in Management of the Department of Management of the University of Bologna. Within this PhD course of ‘Economics and Management of Innovation', she is responsible for two modules: ‘Organization of Public Reseach Systems' and ‘New firms creation'.

She is in the board of ISA (Istituto Studi Avanzati), a permanent organization, which is part of the Alma Mater Studiorum Università di Bologna, providing scholars and scientists of the University of Bologna with the instruments and the means to bring to Bologna visiting professors and junior scientists and to stimulate the circulation of ideas and the exchange of knowledge.

She has been involved in several research projects on technology transfer. Among them, one of the most relevant is a FIRB project on the “Re-organization of the Italian Public Research System” ( the past years she has been responsible for several research projects financed and supported by local institutions and research centers. She has been responsible for several collaborations on the subject of technology transfer at regional and national level. She has been (and she is currently) involved in European projects on technology transfer.

Most of her scientific production is about New Business Creation, Entrepreneurship, and Technology Transfer. On these topics she has publications on national journals and international journals (including Research Policy, R&D Management, Technology and Innovation Management, Journal of Business Venturing, Small Business Economics, Scientometrics, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice). She has recently been involved as a guest editor (together with Mike Wright, Donald Siegel and Martin Kenney) for a special issue of Research Policy on Academic Entrepreneurship, which appeared in October 2011. She is in the Editorial board of the ‘Journal of Technology Transfer' and ‘Economia e Politica Industriale'.





Forthcoming international publications


Baldini, N., Fini R., Grimaldi R., Sobrero M., 2013. Diffusion of organisational practices in turbulent environments: an empirical analysis of university-level patent regulations

forthcoming Minerva


Angeli F., Grandi A. and Grimaldi R. 2013. Directions and Paths of Knowledge Flows through Personnel Mobility: a Social Capital Perspective

forthcoming Regional Studies


Rentocchini F., Manjarres-Henriquez L., D'Este P. and Grimaldi R.. 2013. Does academic consulting require any research? Examining the relationship between research funding and academic consulting.

Forthcoming Technological Forecasting and Social Change



Selected International publications


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