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Roberto Pagaria

Senior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Department of Mathematics

Academic discipline: MAT/03 Geometry


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Publications prior to 2004

Nov 2019 - Orlik-Solomon-type presentations for the cohomology algebra of toric arrangements j/w F. Callegaro, M. D'Adderio, E. Delucchi, L. Migliorini in Transactions of the AMS.

Nov 2019 - The homotopy type of elliptic arrangements preprint j/w E. Delucchi.

Nov 2019 - Poincaré polynomial of elliptic arrangements is not a specialization of the Tutte polynomial in Discrete Mathematics.

Oct 2019 - Two examples of toric arrangements in J. Combin. Theory Ser. A.
Aug 2019 - Representations of torsion-free arithmetic matroids preprint j/w G. Paolini.
Jun 2019 - Combinatorics of toric arrangements in Rendiconti Lincei.
May 2019 - Cohomology of configuration spaces of surfaces preprint.
Jan 2019 - The cohomology ring of unordered configuration spaces of the torus preprint.
May 2018 - The connection between combinatorics and cohomology of elliptic arrangements preprint.
May 2018 - Orientable arithmetic matroids preprint.

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