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Rita Mazzoni

Associate Professor

Department of Industrial Chemistry "Toso Montanari"

Academic discipline: CHIM/03 General and Inorganic Chemistry


Keywords: Homogeneous catalysis Biomass upgrading N-heterocyclic carbene hydrogen production water oxidation Guerbet (homologation of alcohol) reaction

Design and synthesis of transition metal complexes for application in homogeneous catalysis and bio-inorganic (eg: Ag, Rh, Fe, Ru). Experties in homogeneous catalysis: hydroformilation, hydrosylilation, olefin methatesis, hydrogenation, de-hydrogenation, water oxidation, hydrogen evolution.

Ruthenium and iron based homogeneous catalysts containing non-innocent ligands such as N-heterocyclic carbenes and/or cyclopentadienones have been recently emplioyed for the development of novel processes for energetic transition and following the concept of circular economy.

Some example are summarized in the following:

- bio-oil valorization toward the selective hydrogenation of double bonds by means of ruthenium based cyclopentadienone complexes;

- valorization of biomass derived building blocks (e.g. HMF) toward the porduction of valuable renewable products by means of ruthenium and iron based cyclopentadienone complexes;

- valorization of waste products (e.g. bio-ethanol) for the production of bio-fuels by means of ruthenium complexes bearing N-heterocyclic carbene and/or cyclopentadienone complexes;

- electrocatlysed water oxidation by iron complexes (earth abundant and bio-friendly) bearing N-heterocyclic carbene and/or cyclopentadienone ligands;

- electrocatalyzed hydrogen evolution with dinuclear complexes bearing bridging C3 ligands.

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