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Raffaella Baritono

Full Professor

Department of Political and Social Sciences

Academic discipline: SPS/05 American History and Institutions

Curriculum vitae

Associate Professor of U.S. History at the School of Political Science of the University of Bologna, from 2005-on. In March 2014, she got the scientific qualification as Full Professor of US History (National Italian procedure), 2014-2018.

She was previously Assistant Professor from 1998 to 2005 at the School of Political Science of the University of Bologna. She got the Laurea in Lettere at the University of Florence in 1982 (thesis on John R.Commons’ political and social thought, 110/110 cum laude) and the Ph.D in Storia delle Americhe at the University of Genoa in 1992 with a dissertation on "Crisi dello stato ottocentesco e amministrazione nella   riflessione teorica e nel dibattito politico negli Stati Uniti   fra Otto e Novecento. Il caso del Wisconsin, 1905-1915" (The crisis of nineteenth-century state and the rise of administration in U.S. theoretical reflection and political debate between nineteenth- and twentieth-centuries. The case of Wisconsin, 1905-1915). She also got a post-graduate fellowship at the School of Political Sciences of the University of Bologna from 1993 to 1995.

She has been one of the founders of the Interuniversity Center of Euro-American History and Politics (CISPEA). In July 2014 she has been appointed director. From 2004 she is one of the organizers of the Cispea Summer School devoted to the study of the US history and politics.

From 2013 she is co-editor of the journal "Ricerche di Storia Politica", published by Il Mulino (Bologna). She is also member of the editorial board of the journal of political thought, "Scienza & Politica" (editor: Pierangelo Schiera), and, from January 2015, of the journal "Il Mulino". She was also member of the scientific board of the series in women's history that will be published by Viella in collaboration with the Italian Society of Women Historians from 2010 to 2014.

She was vice-president of the Italian Association of North-American Studies (AISNA) from 2013 to 2016 and former president of the Italian Society of Women Historians. She is also member of the steering board of the Italian Society for International History (SISI).

She chaired the advanced program in International Relations of the School of Political Sciences of the University of Bologna and she is currently member of the faculty of the PhD. Program in International and Global Studies of the University of Bologna.

She won two prizes: the first in 1992 - “Opera Prima Roberto Ruffilli†- for the book Oltre la politica. La crisi politico-istituzionale negli Stati Uniti fra Otto e Novecento , Bologna, Il Mulino, 1993 (Beyond Politics. The U.S. political and institutional crisis between 19th and 20th centuries), and the second in 2003 - Prize ‘Gisa Giani’ of the Istituto per la cultura e la storia d’impresa of Terni for the best book on women and gender history in the field of labor and business history – for  La democrazia vissuta. Individualismo e pluralismo nel pensiero di Mary Parker Follett [Democracy as a Way of Life: Individualism and Pluralism in the Thought of Mary Parker Follett], Turin, La Rosa Editrice, 2001.

She is Alumnae of the Salzburg Seminar - Center for the Study of American Culture and Language, Salzburg, Austria. In 2000 she was selected and attended the Fulbright American Studies Institute Program on "U.S. Political System: Origin, Structure and Contemporary Issues", Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, Ill. In 2011 she was awarded with a research grant from the Roosevelt Institute (New York).

She is member of the following professional associations: AISNA (Italian Association for the American Studies), EAAS (European Association for American Studies), EAAS Women Network, SIS (Italian Society of Women Historians), Transatlantic Studies Association, SISSCO (Italian Society for the Study of Contemporary History); SISI (Italian Society for International History); APSA (American Political Science Association).

She has been Visiting Professor (Erasmus Teaching Staff Mobility Program) at Sciences Po-Lyon in 2010 and at Indiana University in 2017.

She lectured in Groningen, Oxford, Lyon, Tokyo, Middleburg, Ghent, Losanna and contributed to many Italian and American journals. Her books were reviewed in Italian and also American journals (namely, Journal of American History, Reviews in American History). She is part of the referee community of some Italian journals and of the Journal of American History (see, Journal of American History, v. 95, n. 4, 2009).

She is a contributor of the Italian TV programs: "Il tempo e la storia" (Rai 3 and RaiStoria) and "Correva l'anno" (Rai 3). She has been also a contributor of some Italian newspapers and radio programs.

She has published extensively on American political history, on women's movement and women political culture. She is currently working on a book on Eleanor Roosevelt's political activism, that will be published by Il Mulino (Bologna), the leading publishing house in the fields of history and political and social sciences.


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