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Rabih Chattat

Full Professor


Academic discipline: M-PSI/08 Clinical Psychology

Director of Second Cycle Degree in Clinical psychology


Ilaria Chirico; Giovanni Ottoboni; Rabih Chattat; Fania Dassen; Vladimira Dostálová; Manuel Franco; Francisco García-Peñalvo; Iva Holmerová; Niels Jansenn; Pavla Povolná; Maria Cruz Sanchez; MArjolein de Vugt, SIDECAR - Skills in DEmentia CARe: linking the evidence about higher education and psychosocial care in dementia across Europe, in: Mediterranean Journal of Clinical Psychology, 7, 111-112, 2019(atti di: Congresso nazionale della Sezione di Psicologia dinamica e clinica - Associazione Italiana di Psicologia, Milano, Italia, 27-29 Settembre 2019) [Poster]

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Ilaria Chirico; Giovanni Ottoboni; Vladimira Dostalova; Iva Holmerova; Pavla Povolna; Niels Janssen; Fania Dassen; Marjolein de Vugt; Maria Cruz Sanchez; Francisco Garcia Penalvo; Manuel Franco; Rabih Chattat, The SiDECar (“Skills in DEmentia Care”) project: the role of psychosocial care into European dementia policies, in: First Krems Dementia Conference: Timely Detection of Dementia. Coordinated Efforts in Europe between East and West, 2019, pp. 1 - 1 (atti di: First Krems Dementia Conference: Timely Detection of Dementia. Coordinated Efforts in Europe between East and West, Krems, Austria, 5 – 7 November 2019) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

Rabih Chattat; Ilaria Chirico; Giovanni Ottoboni; Niels Jansenn; Fania Dassen; Marjolein de Vugt; Maria Cruz Sanchez; Francisco García-Peñalvo; Manuel Franco; Pavla Povolná; Vladimira Dostálová; Iva Holmerová, Training in HE across Europe: evidence from the SiDECar project, in: 2019 IPA/SEPG Joint International Congress, 2019, pp. 4 - 5 (atti di: 2019 IPA/SEPG Joint International Congress, Santiago de Compostela, Spain, 31 August - 3 September, 2019) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

Rabih Chattat, Ilaria Chirico, Giovanni Ottoboni, Niels Janssen, Fania Dassen, Marjolein de Vugt, M. Cruz Sanchez, Francisco García-Peñalvo, Manuel Franco Pavla Povolná, Vladimíra Dostálová, Iva Holmerová, Training in Psychosocial care in Dementia in European Higher Education: a mixed-method analysis. The SiDeCar Project, in: 29th Alzheimer Europe Conference. Making valuable connection, The Hague, 2019, pp. 106 - 106 (atti di: 29th Alzheimer Europe Conference. Making valuable connection, The Hague, 23-25 October 2019) [Poster]

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