Foto del docente

Roberto Braga

Associate Professor

Department of Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences

Academic discipline: GEO/07 Petrology and Petrography


Keywords: Metamorphic and igneous petrology Crust-Mantle interactions Metasomatism and the chemical transformation of rocks Lower crust Crustal melting Petrography Raw materials Urban mining

My research aims to:

  1. Understand petrogenetic processes occurring in the Crust and the Upper Mantle. My research combines fieldwork, petrography, microscopy, spatially resolved microanalysis of major and trace elements in minerals, and phase diagram modeling of mantle and crustal rocks from pre-Alpine crystalline basements and basalt-hosted xenoliths.
  2. Describe and model the interaction between upper mantle rocks and CO2-bearing fluids. This interaction is part of the deep carbon cycle. See this nice example.
  3. Apply the basic petrographic/petrological knowledge acquired from natural samples to discover how much "non-energy-raw-materials" can we find in bottom/fly ashes produced by the thermal treatment of municipal solid wastes. This contributes to the Urban Mining concept and, hopefully, to the well-being of our society and environment.