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Roberto Braga

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Dipartimento di Scienze Biologiche, Geologiche e Ambientali

Settore scientifico disciplinare: GEO/07 PETROLOGIA E PETROGRAFIA

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Papers - Open Access

Hi all,
this is the self archive of my papers. They're available using the links. RB

Lo Pò D., BragaR., 2014. Influence of ferric iron on phase equilibria in greenschist facies assemblages: the hematite-rich metasedimentary rocks from the Monti Pisani (Northern Apennines). Journal of Metamorphic Geology, 32, 371-387.

Ferrero S., Braga R., Berkesi M., Cesare B., Laridhi Ouazaa N., 2014. Production of metaluminous melt during fluid-present anatexis: an example from the Maghrebian basement, La Galite Archipelago, central Mediterranean. Journal of Metamorphic Geology, 32, 209-225.

Bianchini G., Braga R., Langone A., 2013. Crustal xenoliths from Tallante (Betic Cordillera, Spain): insights into the crust-mantle boundary. Geological Magazine, 150, 952-958.

Renna M.R., Tribuzio, R., Braga, R., 2013. Petrogenetic relationships between peralkaline rhyolite dykes and mafic rocks in the post-Variscan gabbroic complex from Bocca di Tenda (northern Corsica, France). Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 165, 1073-1085.

Romagnoli, C., Casalbore, D., Bosman, A., Braga, R., Chiocci L.F., 2013. Submarine structure of Vulcano volcano (Aeolian Islands) revealed by high-resolution bathymetry and seismo-acoustic data. Marine Geology, 338, 30-45.

Braga, R., Peddis, F., Perondi C., 2012. Yellowing of a white granite pavement in urban environment: the Fe-rich patina of Piazza Cavalli, Piacenza (Italy). Periodico di Mineralogia, 81, 345-357.

Braga, R., Massonne, H.-J., 2012. H2O content of deep-seated orogenic continental crust: the Ulten Zone, Italian Alps. International Geology Review, 54, 633-641.

Langone, A., Braga, R., Massonne, H.-J., Tiepolo, M., 2011. Preservation of old (prograde metamorphic) U-Th-Pb ages in unshielded monazite from the high- pressure paragneisses of the Variscan Ulten Zone (Italy). Lithos, 127, 68-85.

Braga, R., Pompei, M., 2010. The application of Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy to the study of coronitic microstructure from a gabbronorite xenolith. GeoActa, 9, 79-85.

Scambelluri, M., Rampone, E., Braga, R., Malaspina, N., 2010. The Variscan garnet peridotites from the Eastern Alps (Ulten Zone): records of subduction metasomatism in the mantle wedge. In: (Eds.) Marco Beltrando, Angelo Peccerillo, Massimo Mattei, Sandro Conticelli, and Carlo Doglioni, The Geology of Italy. Journal of the Virtual Explorer, 36.

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, 99, 973-991.

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Cavazza, W., Braga, R., Reinhardt, E.G., Zanotti, C., 2009. Influence of host-rock texture on the morphology of carbonate concretions in a meteoric diagenetic environment. Journal of Sedimentary Research, 79, 377-388.

Tribuzio, R., Renna, M.R. Braga, R., Dallai, L., 2009. Petrogenesis of Early Permian olivine-bearing cumulates and associated basalt dykes from Bocca di Tenda (Northern Corsica): implications for post-collisional Variscan evolution. Chemical Geology, 259, 190-203.

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Gasperini, D., Bosch, D., Braga, R., Bondi, M., Macera P., Morten L., 2006. Ultramafic xenoliths from the Veneto Volcanic Province (Italy): petrological and geochemical evidence for multiple metasomatism of the SE Alps mantle lithosphere. Geochemical Journal, 40, 377-404.

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