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Roberto Braga

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Dipartimento di Scienze Biologiche, Geologiche e Ambientali

Settore scientifico disciplinare: GEO/07 PETROLOGIA E PETROGRAFIA

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Granada or Munster?

Enrolled in Geological Sciences or Natural Sciences degrees? Interested in a period of study in Granada or Munster? I'm supervising the exchange between those Universities and Unibo. Write me at    

Metamorphose II

Petroso - A petrography-oriented blog

Petroso is my first blog experiment. It's petrography-oriented. If you like it (or not), drop a comment. Here's the feeder. [r]

Undergraduate projects in petrography / Tesi in Petrografia

Why? A project in Petrography is more than classifying rocks. It’s discovering the Earth’s history recorded in minerals and textures. Rocks have their code and the task to unravel this code is not easy. Outcrops, structures, minerals and their chemistry, diagrams ... all this arsenal is necessary if ...

Papers - Open Access

Hi all, this is the self archive of my papers. They're available using the links. RB Lo Pò D., BragaR., 2014. Influence of ferric iron on phase equilibria in greenschist facies assemblages: the hematite-rich metasedimentary rocks from the Monti Pisani (Northern Apennines). Journal of Metamorphic ...

Braga Teaching Scores

This plot shows how satisfied are the students of my courses (question #19).

Earth Science Picture of the Day

A nice collection of photos. Here

La scoperta dell'acqua piovana migliaia di metri sottoterra

La mia recensione di Menzies et al. 2014

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