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Pierluca Baldassarre Pasqualicchio

Teaching tutor

Department of Legal Studies

Curriculum vitae

  • Born in Bologna in 1993, he graduated in Administrative Law discussing the thesis Special rite between the needs of speed and effectiveness of protection, supervisor Prof. Marco Dugato with the outcome 110/110 laude (March 2018).
  • He studied in France at the Universitè Panthèon Sorbonne 1 Droit.
  • He worked as a Data Protection Officer (DPO) at the company Alfasigma FR, Paris.
  • He carried out internship activities (pursuant to art.73 dl 69/2013) at the Ordinary Court of Bologna, Labor Section where he was able to participate in various Conferences and Seminars on the most current labor law issues.
  • He has carried out professional practice activities at the State Of Bologna and at the office of Avv.ssa Gotti.
  • Since 2019 he has been a professor in Labor Law, alongside Prof. Sandro Mainardi.
  • Since 2020 he has been an expert in Labor Law at the University of Bologna and a member of the evaluation commissions for the exams.
  • Since 2021 he has been the winner of the competition for the assignment of tutoring activities relating to the area of Labor Law-Single Cycle Master's Degree, Bologna Office.
  • He has deepened several issues as a labour lawyer developing projects including: "Equal treatment and prohibition of discrimination in Europe: the Italian legal system and French in comparison"; « Digitalization and agile work in the Public Administration » and "The structure of collective bargaining in France - La Structure de la Nègociation Collective en France".
  • He is enrolled, as a master's student, at the Italian Society for International Organization (SIOI) - Diplomatic Career Preparation Course, Rome.
  • He is also enrolled in the Second Level Master on"International Protection of Human Rights"and in the "TrainingCourse on Refugees andMigrants",organized by the University of Rome la Sapienza.
  • Since 2021, as part of an internship activity, he has been carrying out research and drafting of articles at the National Research Council, Rome.
  • He is a collaborator and member of the editorial board of the Observatory on the activities of international and supranational, universal and regional organizations, on issues of interest to Italian foreign policy, SIOI (ROME).
  • He also collaborates with the Centro Nazionale Studi di Diritto del Lavoro "Domenico Napolitano",based in Rome(CSDN).
  • He writes for several magazinesof Band A, including Il lavoro nella pubblica amministrazione , Il lavoro nella giurisprudenzaand Il lavoro e previdenza oggi .

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