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Patrizia Rampinelli

Adjunct professor

Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology


Keywords: Regulatory Affairs chemical and biotechnological pharmaceutical patents

Areas of Academic Interest:

-EU and international regulations governing medicinal products;

-European law and industrial strategies to fight counterfeiting;

-International treaties and agreements on the legal protection of pharmaceutical and biotechnological inventions (Trips, EPC, WIPO, etc.);

-Evergreening strategies for pharmaceutical patents;

-EU first-to-file and US inventor-first-to-file;

-Period of grace, or lack of it, in delays in scientific publication;

-Stem cell patentability according to the Enlarged Board of Appeal (EPO) – access to the European Court of Justice (case law);

-Patentability CRISPR DNA-editing system;

-Patentability antibody therapeutic use;

-Know-how and trade secrets protection;

-Patentability of new plants obtained with essentially biological methods.