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Paolo Fais

Associate Professor

Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences

Academic discipline: MED/43 Forensic Medicine


Pelletti G.; Rossi F.; Garagnani M.; Barone R.; Roffi R.; Fais P.; Pelotti S., Optimization of cloned enzyme donor immunoassay cut-offs for drugs of abuse in post-mortem whole blood, «FORENSIC SCIENCE INTERNATIONAL», 2020, 312, Article number: 110291 , pp. 1 - 6 [Scientific article]

Palazzo C.; Pelletti G.; Fais P.; Boscolo-Berto R.; Fersini F.; Gaudio R.M.; Pelotti S., Postmortem submersion interval in human bodies recovered from fresh water in an area of Mediterranean climate. Application and comparison of preexisting models, «FORENSIC SCIENCE INTERNATIONAL», 2020, 306, Article number: 110051 , pp. 1 - 6 [Scientific article]

Pascali J.P.; Viel G.; Cecchetto G.; Pigaiani N.; Vanin S.; Montisci M.; Fais P., The Red Swamp Crayfish Procambarus Clarkii (the Louisiana Crayfish) as a Particular Scavenger on a Human Corpse, «JOURNAL OF FORENSIC SCIENCES», 2020, 65, pp. 323 - 326 [Scientific article]

Barone R, Pelletti G, Garagnani M, Giusti A, Marzi M, Rossi F, Roffi R, Fais P, Pelotti S, Alcohol and illicit drugs in drivers involved in road traffic crashes in Italy. An 8-year retrospective study, «FORENSIC SCIENCE INTERNATIONAL», 2019, 305, Article number: 110004 , pp. 1 - 8 [Scientific article]

Mazzotti M.C.; Fais P.; Palazzo C.; Fersini F.; Ruggeri A.; Falconi M.; Pelotti S.; Teti G., Determining the time of death by morphological and immunohistochemical evaluation of collagen fibers in postmortem gingival tissues, «LEGAL MEDICINE», 2019, 39, pp. 1 - 8 [Scientific article]

Pascali J.P.; Fais P.; Viel G.; Cecchetto G.; Montisci M., Is old stuff back? A fatal case of ethyl chloride sniffing, «EGYPTIAN JOURNAL OF FORENSIC SCIENCES», 2019, 9, Article number: 29 , pp. 1 - 4 [Scientific article]Open Access

Fais, Paolo; Leopizzi, Martina; Di Maio, Valeria; Longo, Lucia; Della Rocca, Carlo; Tagliaro, Franco; Bortolotti, Federica; Lo Vasco, Vincenza Rita*, Phosphoinositide-specific phospholipase C in normal human liver and in alcohol abuse, «JOURNAL OF CELLULAR BIOCHEMISTRY», 2019, 120, pp. 7907 - 7917 [Scientific article]

Fais P.; Mazzotti M.C.; Montisci M.; Palazzo C.; Leone O.; Cecchetto G.; Viel G.; Pelotti S., Post-mortem thermal angiography: a pilot study on swine coronary circulation, «INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF LEGAL MEDICINE», 2019, 133, pp. 571 - 581 [Scientific article]

Giorgetti A.; Giraudo C.; Viero A.; Bisceglia M.; Lupi A.; Fais P.; Quaia E.; Montisci M.; Cecchetto G.; Viel G., Radiological investigation of gunshot wounds: a systematic review of published evidence, «INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF LEGAL MEDICINE», 2019, 133, pp. 1149 - 1158 [Scientific article]

Pelletti G.; Mazzotti M.C.; Fais P.; Martini D.; Ingra L.; Amadasi A.; Palazzo C.; Falconi M.; Pelotti S., Scanning electron microscopy in the identification of fly artifacts, «INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF LEGAL MEDICINE», 2019, 133, pp. 1575 - 1580 [Scientific article]

Fersini F, Govi A, Rizzo ML, De Nooijer K, Ingravallo F, Fais P, Rizzo N, Pelotti S., Shared Decision-Making for Delivery Mode: An OPTION Scale Observer-Based Evaluation, «PATIENT EDUCATION AND COUNSELING», 2019, 102, pp. 1833 - 1839 [Scientific article]

Fersini F.; Fais P.; Cerquetti I.; Mazzotti M.C.; Palazzo C.; Leone O.; Pelotti S., Sudden unexpected death in a case of necrotizing eosinophilic myocarditis, «LEGAL MEDICINE», 2019, 38, pp. 1 - 4 [Scientific article]

Pelletti G, Garagnani M, Barone R, Boscolo-Berto R, Rossi F, Morotti A, Roffi R, Fais P, Pelotti S., Validation and preliminary application of a GC-MS method for the determination of putrescine and cadaverine in the human brain: a promising technique for PMI estimation., «FORENSIC SCIENCE INTERNATIONAL», 2019, 297, pp. 221 - 227 [Scientific article]

Pascali J.P.; Fais P.; Vaiano F.; Ciolini A.; Bertol E., Zwitterionic HILIC stationary phase as a valuable alternative in separative techniques: Application to the analysis of gamma-hydroxybutyric acid and its metabolite in hair, «JOURNAL OF CHROMATOGRAPHY. B», 2019, 1134-1135, Article number: 121876 , pp. 1 - 6 [Scientific article]

Palazzo, Chiara; Fais, Paolo; Mazzotti, Maria Carla; Gaudio, Rosa Maria; Pelletti, Guido*; Pelotti, Susi, A homemade furnace. Influence of occupational skills in a fire-related planned complex suicide, «FORENSIC SCIENCE, MEDICINE AND PATHOLOGY», 2018, 14, pp. 109 - 113 [Scientific article]

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