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Paolo Bragagni

Adjunct professor

Department of Interpreting and Translation

Curriculum vitae


Paolo Bragagni


BA Honours Degree in Translation and Interpreting, Advanced School for Interpreters and Translators Bologna University (German, French and English,) 1993

MA Postgraduate Diploma in Technical and Specialized Translation, (German and French) 110 out of 110 with honours, Advanced School for Interpreters and Translators Bologna University. 1997

Thesis on Translation techniques applied to the Bible : “The importance of a dynamic translation
approach in the missionary field”

Specialization Course in Translation, Institut de Langues Etrangères Appliquées of Roubaix and Sciences Economiques Lille III University
ERASMUS Exchange Programme, 10 months, 1994

Master in translation of sacred books Wycliffe Translation Centre, Summer Institute of
COMET Exchange Programme, 6 months, 1997

Teaching Qualification German (language, civilization and literature) as a foreign language at high schools (A545 e A546), 2000.

Professional training: Tourist guide and courier, 1989



 Translator for the following publishing houses:

o SAN PAOLO EDIZIONI (translation of historical-religious, social and psychological works)

o PLANETA-DEAGOSTINI (translation of essays of different nature for the encyclopaedia “History of Humanity”) (2001-2004)

o UTET (translation of essays for the encyclopaedias “History of the Shoah” (2004-2006) and “The Italians in War” (2007-2008).


o Translator at the Translation General Directorate and at the Terminology Division of the European Parliament (Luxembourg - 1999);

oTranslator for the CORDIS Web service of the European Commission (economic and legal assignments)

o Translator of environmental studies (Sogliano Ambiente Spa), medical, spa and tourism documents (Bagno di Romagna Spas – Forlì City Council and Riccione City Council and Tourist Authority) and legal, banking, advertising and technical projects for different agencies.


o General coordinator of the translation project and Proofreader for the encyclopaedias : “The History of Humanity ”, UNESCO and PLANETA-DEAGOSTINI

“The History of the Shoah”, UTET

“The Italians in War ”, UTET

o Coordinator and proofreader of multilingual projects in the scientific, medical, economic, technical and advertisement fields for translation agencies.


o Business and Community Interpreting for companies and institutions in the occasion of twin partnerships and fairs and trade-shows (BIT, ITB, etc.)

o Medical Interpreting for the Civil Hospital “Infermi” in Rimini and spa-centres.

o Conference Interpreting at Palariccione EXPOCOMCongresses are progress and economy: The value of congress tourism for the spreading of the knowledge and for the economy of the country” June 2006,

o Tourism Interpreter for the Tourist Office IAT Forlì Ridolfi Airport and IAT Tourism Board Riccione


o German language, civilization and literature, European Science High School FSC Cesena, Commerce High School R. Serra, Cesena, Commerce High School V. Bachelet Ferrara and now Language High School I. Alpi Cesena

o Teacher of Italian as a foreign language, consultancy and planning of tailored language courses,
Scuola Palazzo Malvisi, Bagno di Romagna

o Language Trainer in projects sponsored by the Social European Fond in the economy, new technology and tourism field.

o University Support Teacher for the German Department, SSLMIT Bologna University in the academic years 2004-2005 and 2005-2006.

o University Teacher in the courses Language Mediation (1st-2nd language) and Business Interpreting (2nd year), SSLMIT Bologna University in the academic years 2006-2007 up to 2015-2016

o University Teacher in the course Language Mediation (2nd language), School of Foreign Languages, Literature, Translation and Interpreting Forlì - Bologna University in the academic years 2016-17 and 2017-18.