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Paola Subacchi

Adjunct professor

Department of Political and Social Sciences


Select recent publications

De-Risking the Global Financial System. Forging a 'New Consensus', Policy Paper, FES New York, 2023 (

'Fifty years on: what the Bretton Woods System can teach us about global macroeconomic policy-making', Oxford Review of Economic Policy, 39 (2), 2023 (with D. Vines)(

'From the Bretton Woods system to the global non-system: the trials and tribulations of slow learning', Oxford Review of Economic Policy, 39 (2), 2023 (with D. Vines) (

'Exorbitant privilege and fiscal autonomy', Oxford Review of Economic Policy, 39 (2), 2023 (with P. van den Noord) (

'Debt Sustainability after the Pandemic: a Rift between Advanced and Developing Economies?', Proceedings of the 2nd Public Debt Management Conference, 2022 (with P. van den Noor and R. Olivares-Caminal) (

China and the Global Financial Architecture. Keeping Two Tracks on One Path, Policy Paper, FES New York, 2022 (

‘Preventing Debt Crises’, L’Observateur des Nations Unies, Volume 53, 2022 (with R. Olivares-Caminal).

'The debt burden: why ex-post intervention shouldn’t be the default option', OECD Development Matters, Paris: OECD,  2021 (with R. Olivares-Caminal) (

‘From gold to Bitcoin and beyond’, Nature, Volume 597, 2021.

'An economic and monetary ‘experiment’ gone too far?’, Annals of the Fondazione Luigi Einaudi, LV (1) 2021 (

Recent books

The Cost of Free Money. How Unfettered Capital Threaten Our Economic Future, Yale University Press, July 2020 (

The People's Money. How China is Building a Global Currency, Columbia University Press, 2017 (

Project Syndicate

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The ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative and the London Market - the Next Steps in Renminbi Internationalisation (with Liu Dongmin, Gao Haihong, Xu Qiyuan, Li Yuanfang, Song Shuan, Matthew Oxenford) London: Chatham House, January 2017.

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