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Dipartimento di Medicina Specialistica, Diagnostica e Sperimentale

Settore scientifico disciplinare: MED/07 MICROBIOLOGIA E MICROBIOLOGIA CLINICA


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Pubblicazioni antecedenti il 2004

S. Pignatelli, T. Lazzarotto, MR. Gatto, P. Dal Monte, MP.Landini, G. Faldella, M. Lanari (2010)
Cytomegalovirus gN Genotypes Distribution among Congenitally Infected Newborns and Their Relationship with Symptoms at Birth and Sequelae.
CLINICAL INFECTIOUS DISEASES. vol.51 pp.33 - 41 ISSN:1058-4838
Articoli ( Pubblicazione in rivista ) [0090017] Pignatelli S. , Dal Monte P. (2010)
Epidemiology of human cytomegalovirus strains through comparison of methodological approaches to explore gN variants.
NEW MICROBIOLOGICA. vol.32 pp.1 - 10 ISSN:1121-7138
Articoli ( Pubblicazione in rivista ) [0082853] R. Manfredi, A. Nanetti, P. Dal Monte, L. Calza (2009)
Increasing pathomorphism of pulmonary tuberculosis: an observational study of slow clinical, microbiological, and imaging response of lung tuberculosis to specific treatment. Which role for linezolid?
Articoli ( Pubblicazione in rivista ) [0088501] Paolucci M, Capretti MG, Dal Monte P, Corvaglia L, Landini MP, Varani S, Pession A, Faldella G, Sambri V. (2009)
Laboratory diagnosis of late-onset sepsis in newborns by multiplex real-time PCR.
JOURNAL OF MEDICAL MICROBIOLOGY. vol.58 pp.533 - 534 ISSN:0022-2615
Articoli ( Pubblicazione in rivista ) [0077930] Lanari M, Capretti MG, Lazzarotto T, Gabrielli L, Pignatelli S, Dal Monte P, Landini MP, Faldella G (2008)
Cytomegalovirus infection via mother's milk: could distinct virus strains determine different disease patterns in preterm twins?
NEW MICROBIOLOGICA. vol.31 pp.131 - 135 ISSN:1121-7138
Articoli ( Pubblicazione in rivista ) [0063008] Camozzi D, Pignatelli S, Valvo C, Lattanzi G, Capanni C, Dal Monte P, Landini MP (2008)
Remodelling of the nuclear lamina during human cytomegalovirus infection: role of the viral proteins pUL50 and pUL53.
JOURNAL OF GENERAL VIROLOGY. vol.89 pp.731 - 740 ISSN:0022-1317
Articoli ( Pubblicazione in rivista ) [0063007] R. Manfredi, A. Nanetti, P. Dal Monte, G. Battista, C. Sassi, L. Miglio, F. Toni, B. Piergentili, L. Calza (2008)
Unexpectedly slow clinical, microbiological and imaging response of lung tuberculosis to specific treatment. A possible pathomorphism of pulmonary tuberculosis?
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Cytomegalovirus primary envelopment at large nuclear membrane infoldings: what's new?
JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY. vol.81 pp.7320 - 7321 ISSN:0022-538X
Abstract, repliche, brevi interventi e simili ( Pubblicazione in rivista ) [0046536] Pignatelli S., Lanari M., Dal Monte P., Gabrielli L., Lazzarotto T., Rossini G., Guerra B., Landini M.P. (2006)
HCMV Gn genotypes distribution among congenitally infected newborns monitored during one –year follow-up
Conference on Congenital CMV Infection. Orvieto Novembre 5-7, 2006 pp.163 ISBN:C-42 Ed.s.n
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Human herpesvirus 6 (HHV-6) U94/REP protein inhibits betaherpesvirus replication.
VIROLOGY. vol.346 pp.402 - 414 ISSN:0042-6822
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Latency-associated human cytomegalovirus glycoprotein N genotypes in monocytes from healthy blood donors.
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Monitoring for human cytomegalovirus infection in solid organ transplant recipients through antigenemia and glycoprotein N (gN) variants: evidence of correlation and potential prognostic value of gN genotypes.
MICROBES AND INFECTION. vol.7 pp.890 - 896 ISSN:1286-4579
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Genetic polymorphisms among human cytomegalovirus (HCMV) wild-type strains.
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Human cytomegalovirus carries a cell-derived phospholipase A2 required for infectivity.
JOURNAL OF VIROLOGY. vol.78 pp.7717 - 7726 ISSN:0022-538X
Linkage of human cytomegalovirus glycoprotein gO variant groups identified from worldwide clinical isolates with gN genotypes, implications for disease associations and evidence for N-terminal sites of positive selection.
VIROLOGY. vol.318 pp.582 - 597 ISSN:0042-6822
Articoli ( Pubblicazione in rivista ) [001287]

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